Paper Rex to lose key Valorant player for 2024 VCT season

Declan Mclaughlin
Paper Rex Valorant team huddle

Paper Rex’s head coach Alexandre ‘alecks’ Sallé has confirmed that his Valorant team will have to replace one player for the 2024 VCT season.

Paper Rex has been the best VCT Pacific team this season, winning the league and placing in the top three at VCT Masters Tokyo. The squad is also fighting for a trophy at Valorant Champions 2023 and is set to take on Evil Geniuses in the upper bracket final on August 24.

The squad has gone through some minor roster changes this season. The organization brought in Russian phenom Ilya ‘something’ Petrov in March and benched IGL Benedict ‘Benkai’ Tan a few months later. Paper Rex also had to field a substitute during its Masters Tokyo run, playing without something as the star duelist had issues securing a visa for the tournament.

Roster changes for the squad look like they will persist into the 2024 VCT season. The team’s head coach confirmed in a recent interview with Round Up Gamers that Wang ‘Jinggg’ Jing Jie won’t be on the roster next year.

Paper Rex will have to replace one Valorant player for 2024 season

Jinggg, who is from Singapore, is going to complete his National Service requirement and will miss the entire 2024 VCT season.

“Jinggg is leaving PRX at the end of this season and will not be participating in the 2024 season,” alecks told Round Up Gamers. “We would like to send him to the army as soon as possible. That way, he will leave the army sooner.”

Jingg, one of the top Valorant players of 2022
Jinggg joined Paper Rex in September 2021.

Valorant Champions 2023 will be the last tournament for a while that Jinggg will play with Paper Rex. If the team beats Evil Geniuses, it will be only one victory away from winning the world championship.

“We want to lift the trophy with him,” alecks said.

Jinggg joined Paper Rex in 2021 after spending time with Team SMG and Reality Rift. The 20-year-old player broke through on the international stage in the 2022 season, as Paper Rex qualified for every international event.

The team’s best international achievement to date is a second-place finish at VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022, where the team lost to FunPlus Phoenix in the final.

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