Is Mandy ever in The Big Bang Theory?

Jasmine Valentine
Mandy in Young Sheldon

Mandy is a key character in later seasons of Young Sheldon, but is she ever in The Big Bang Theory? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s no secret that Young Sheldon is incredibly inconsistent with The Big Bang Theory, even possibly leading to plot issues further down the line in Season 7.

Not only have character’s personas completely changed, but stories fans knew to be true have been completely turned on their head, such as George’s affair.

Introduced in Season 5, Mandy has become a key part of the Young Sheldon story, but is she even in The Big Bang Theory? Here’s what we know.

Is Mandy ever in The Big Bang Theory?

No, Mandy is neither seen nor spoken about in The Big Bang Theory.

The focus on Mandy since Season 5 has sparked cause for concern among fans of TBBT, as neither she nor baby CeeCee are ever mentioned after adult Georgie arrives on the scene.

What fans learn instead is that Georgie is single, with a string of unnamed ex-girlfriends and ex-wives in his wake. It’s widely been speculated that Mandy is the first wife, with Sheldon making it clear in both shows that Georgie first gets married when he’s 19.

“Her first appearance was well after TBBT ended, and you can tell they were not writing with YS continuity in mind throughout the show,” one fan complained on Reddit.

A second pointed out that “Georgie wasn’t even mentioned by name until s11,” while another weighed in: “It’s a different show that was created after TBBT was created. For the sake of Young Sheldon to keep running, they had to create other things to keep the show entertaining and enjoyable. Of course, they’re not gonna mention everything that happened in TBBT because they didn’t even know Young Sheldon was going to be a show when they were airing that.”

There’s also continuing speculation that Mandy was one of the people to congratulate Sheldon by phone after winning his Nobel prize, though this has never been confirmed.

Young Sheldon Season 7 is set to show CeeCee’s baptism in Episode 6, followed by Georgie and Mandy’s wedding in Episode 7.

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