Why John Wick director won’t make a Marvel movie

Keanu Reeves as John Wick and the MCUSummit Entertainment/Marvel Studios

John Wick director Chad Stahelski has shared his thoughts on the potential of helming a Marvel movie – and, well, it’s not looking good.

Like a Baby Groot growing from a tiny sprout into “Swole Groot”, the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to branch out (pun fully intended), with plans for new movies and TV shows bringing us well into Phase 6 and beyond.

The MCU is officially the biggest cinematic universe there is. Although the John Wick film series is not on the same scale, it’s a success story in its own right, spawning four movies with Keanu Reeves at the forefront, and plenty of spin-offs in the pipeline. 

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What’s even more astounding is that Stahelski started out as a stuntman, having worked as Reeves’ stunt double in The Matrix. Clearly he was born to direct, and given the success of his John Wick series and his experience on Marvel sets, it’s no surprise that fans are calling on him to helm an MCU movie. 

John Wick director is an MCU fan, but won’t make a Marvel movie

Though Chad Stahelski is a fan of the MCU and wider superhero genre, the filmmaker doesn’t believe he’s the right fit for making a Marvel movie.

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When asked by The Direct if there is any property he’d get behind, Stahelski explained: “I’m a big fan of that genre. I love Batman. I love the Marvel world. I love the first Iron Man to death. I love James Gunn’s first Guardians to death. These are all milestones, I think, in cinema. 

“I just also think that there are people that get that IP better than me. I know my sweet spot. I do better when there are no limits. I do better when I can kind of bend the rules. I like to be a little bit more subversive. So it’s kind of weird.”

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Things could have looked differently if he’d been brought on to helm Blade, which now has Yann Demange directing and Mahershala Ali starring as the lead vampire hunter. Previous reports show Stahelski was in talks with Marvel boss Kevin Feige to take on the project.

“I was one of many that brought in takes of it, sure,” he told the outlet. “That’s the one property I always thought was fascinating. I’m always fascinated by vampire and martial arts. So it seemed like a good mix.”

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But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. And anyway, Stahelski’s got a lot on his plate following the release of John Wick 4, including his Highlander, Ghost Of Tsushima, and Shibumi movies, to name a few. 

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