This Fortnite weapon can turn you into John Wick in Chapter 5

Rory Teale
john Wick

Fortnite players hailed one Chapter 5 weapon as the John Wick gun thanks to its insane ability to dispatch enemies quickly and stealthily.

Fortnite Chapter 5 is full of powerful weapons that players have been reinventing to claim the coveted Victory Royale over their opponents. With the new Season 2, the meta has shifted significantly across the board, thanks to weapon mods and new guns.

One weapon in the current season however has been found to turn you into John Wick, a deadly assassin to wipe out the entire lobby. The weapon in question here is a modded Epic Ranger Pistol with a Holo-13 optic.

One player shared their John Wick-esque gameplay on social media, rapidly gunning down multiple opponents with the modded pistol as they channeled their inner black-suited assassin.

Other players within the Fortnite community agreed that the pistol was “too overpowered” and guaranteed “free kills” when equipped.

“My friends and I started calling all modded-out pistols we found ‘John wick pistols’ at the start of the season, seemed fitting,” said one player.

“The pistol has been my favorite weapon this season. It just feels good,” said another, praising the strength of the Ranger Pistol combined with the Holo-13 sight.

Ranger Pistol has been one of the preferred weapon choices for Fortnite players in Chapter 5 due to its rapid firepower combined with lesser recoil. Furthermore, when it comes to channeling a John Wick persona in Battle Royale, two outfits of the character namely Reaper and John Wick have been released before in Fortnite.

While the Keanu Reeves-inspired outfit is recurring in the Item Shop, The Reaper is one of the rarest Fortnite skins in the game.

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