The Flash Season 10: Everything we know

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A close up of Grant Gustin as Barry Allen in The Flash

With the Season 9 finale of The Flash airing tonight, fans are wondering if there will be a Season 10. Here’s everything we know so far.

After almost a decade of airing on The CW, it seems like The Flash, everyone’s favorite speedster, seems to closing his final chapter in the Arrowverse.

Or, is he?

The Flash premiered on The CW in 2014 and was the second entry into DC‘s Arrowverse, a group of superhero shows on the network that consists of Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightening, and Batwoman. As of this moment, The Flash is the last show standing as the others have either been canceled or ended organically. Fans have been wondering if The Flash will return or will he hang up his boots for good.

Here’s everything we know about The Flash Season 10.

Will there be a Season 10 of The Flash?

No, there will be no Season 10 of The Flash.

In March 2022, the show was renewed for a ninth and final season, which started its run on February 8, 2023. Out of the entirety of the Arrowverse, The Flash is the longest running show, just beating out its predecessor, Arrow, by one seasons. The series finale is set to air May 24, 2023, almost a decade after it premiered.

A poster for Grant Gustin's show The Flash

The Flash followed the story of Barry Allen, a crime-scene investigator who gains super-human speed after the  S.T.A.R. Labs’ particle accelerator exploded, causing citizens to gain powers. He used his speed to fight crime and save Central City countless times from metahumans, the villains of the show.

Over nine seasons, Barry has learned, loved, lost, and became one of the best fictional superheroes ever put to TV. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Grant Gustin, who plays The Flash, explained why the show ended before Season 10, stating, “A lot of people wanted us to get to 10 seasons, but in my mind, we did 10 years — it was 2013 when I was cast as Barry Allen, and we finished in 2023. We had done everything we needed to do, the characters were in a good place, and we had reached the conclusion.”

However, Gustin revealed that the show could’ve ended in earlier as the cast’s original contracts were for “a six-year run that got extended to seven.” He went on to say that he “married [while filming] Season 5” and “had a kid during Season 7,” so he was starting to think about what life would be without The Flash. Plus, Arrow had ended after eight seasons, so Gustin thought The Flash should follow suit, but Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti convinced Gustin to return for Season 9.

Fans may be disappointed that there would be one more season of The Flash, but the series finale is sure to bring closure to the characters they’ve loved for almost a decade.

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