Rebel Moon: Release date, trailer, cast, plot, more

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Zack Snyder’s sci-fi epic Rebel Moon is headed to Netflix, with a ragtag bunch of heroes ready to save the galaxy – from its release date and trailer to cast, plot, and more, here’s what we know.

Director Zack Snyder is known for his stint in the DCEU, with movies such as Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Now, after leaving the DCEU behind, Snyder has teamed up with Netflix for an assortment of projects, including Army of the Dead and the forthcoming Rebel Moon.

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The movie has already drawn comparisons to that of the Star Wars franchise and is shaping up to be one of 2023’s hottest blockbusters, and a major holiday hit for the streaming platform.

So, if you’re like us, you’ll want to be updated with all things Rebel Moon. Here’s everything you need to know.


Rebel Moon release date: When is it coming out?

Rebel Moon will premiere on Netflix on December 22, 2023.

The two-part space epic began filming on April 19, 2022, and wrapped on December 2.

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Filmed back-to-back, Zack Snyder’s foray into space warfare will also be released in theaters for a limited time. Initially, the early concept for the film was pitched as an Akira Kurosawa-inspired adventure to Star Wars executives during the prequel era, but ultimately transformed into the Netflix space opera we know today.

Ori Marmur, who runs Netflix’s originals studio film group alongside Kira Goldberg, told Variety: “Zack came in with so much passion. This is a film that he’s had in mind for decades.

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“As you know, he’s spent so much time working on other people’s IP at other studios. We worked with him on Army of the Dead and we did things that others couldn’t do. We made a film and then a prequel and launched a live experience.

“With Rebel Moon he wanted to push the envelope again. When we saw how big the world he created was we thought it would be better served as two pieces versus one film. It’s the kind of story that can continue to grow. He thinks of it as his take on making something like Star Wars.”

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Is there a Rebel Moon trailer?

Footage from Rebel Moon was revealed as part of Netflix’s trailer for its 2023 slate, which you can watch below:

Rebel Moon cast: Who will be in it?

Zack Snyder’s thrilling sci-fi tale will star Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Ray Fisher, Djimon Hounsou, Jena Malone, Corey Stoll, Ed Skrein, Anthony Hopkins, and Cary Elwes.

Character details are under lock and key, but we do know that Hopkins will voice Jimmy, a mechanized robot that will aid our heroes in defeating Ed Skrein’s Belisarius.

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Rebel Moon plot: What will it be about?

According to Netflix’s synopsis: “A peaceful colony on the edge of the galaxy is threatened by the armies of a tyrannical regent named Belisarius. The desperate civilians dispatch a young woman who has a mysterious past to seek out warriors from nearby planets to help them challenge the regent.”

It is expected that the “young woman” in question will be none other than Sofia Boutella, as she gathers a team of heroes to stop Ed Skrein’s dastardly villain.

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Zack Snyder told Hollywood Reporter in July 2021: “I’ve spent the last two or three years building out this universe. Every corner has to be painted in. I’ve been doing designs, constantly drawing and really cultivating its fertile ground to make this world fully realized.”

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