Lawmen: Bass Reeves trailer shows off action-packed Yellowstone spinoff

Jasmine Valentine
The cast of Lawmen: Bass ReevesParamount+

Some stories from the Old West have still been left untold – and the new trailer for Paramount series Lawmen: Bass Reeves gives viewers a taste of one of them.

Produced by Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan – alongside leading man David Oyelowo – the series was originally tied to the world of Yellowstone, but has since moved away to become its own standalone show.

Set to start streaming from November 5, 2023, Lawmen: Bass Reeves is set in the 1800s, following the story of the real guy behind the legendary tale.

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Bass Reeves was the first Black U.S. Marshal west of the Mississippi and is known for making over 3,000 arrests without ever being injured. He’s also believed to be the inspiration behind the Lone Ranger.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves gets its first trailer

The first jam-packed trailer for Lawmen: Bass Reeves has been released, which you can watch in full below:

Dubbed “The greatest American lawman,” the trailer shows the presence of Bass Reeves (Oyelowo) in his local town, straddling the line between a more traditional Sheriff and an outright criminal.

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Though specific plot lines for the show have yet to be revealed, the story so far suggests that Bass Reeves will have more of a biopic feel to it, examining the events in his life that made the legend a force of its own.

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In the build-up to its release, there has been some confusion over whether the show can be included as a Yellowstone spin-off, but Sheridan has moved away from the piece fitting in with the existing world. It was originally considered to be an alternative Season 2 for the existing Yellowstone spin-off, 1883.

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Regardless of moving away from the successful franchise, Oyelowo still has big ambitions for the story that lies ahead.

“My goal, my hope, my ambition for this has always been to have an opportunity to contextualize the contribution of Black people to this country in a way that colors outside of the lines of what we have normally seen,” he stated during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The extraordinary story of Bass Reeves exemplifies just that. To collaborate with world-class talent like Taylor Sheridan to tell those stories to the widest audience possible, is our dream, and we believe that can and will be realized through the shared ambitions we have with ViacomCBS and its signature branded platforms, alongside our seasoned and brilliant producing partners at 101 Studios.”

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