When is the Lawmen: Bass Reeves finale out?

Jasmine Valentine
David Oyelowo in Lawmen: Bass Reeves as main character.

Bass Reeves, portrayed by David Oyelowo, faces a final challenge. Wondering about the release time for the Lawmen: Bass Reeves finale?

Over the course of the series, Lawmen: Bass Reeves has gone through various peaks and pits. Depicting the true story said to be the inspiration for The Lone Ranger, the fictional Bass has now got himself into hot water.

With seven episodes down, the stakes have been firmly set for Bass’ fate, which is now hanging by a thread as the finale looms.

But what time is the Lawmen: Bass Reeves finale out? Here’s everything you need to know.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves finale release time

Episode 8 of Lawmen: Bass Reeves – its finale – will be available to watch on December 17, 2023.

Here’s what time Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 8 will be out across the world:

  • Pacific Time (PT) – 12:00am
  • Central Time (CT) – 2:00am
  • Eastern Time (ET) – 3:00am
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – 08:00am 
  • Central Europe (CET) – 09:00am

The show’s first two episodes dropped simultaneously on November 5, with each following episode now airing on a weekly basis.

Lawmen: Bass Reeves: How many episodes are there?

There are a total of eight episodes of Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

The show’s release schedule is as follows:

  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 1 – Part I, November 5, 2023
  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 2 – Part II, November 5, 2023
  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 3 – Part III, November 12, 2023
  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 4 – Part IV, November 19, 2023
  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 5 – Part V, November 26, 2023
  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 6 – Part VI, December 3, 2023
  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 7 – Part VII, December 10, 2023
  • Lawmen: Bass Reeves Episode 8 – Part VIII, December 17, 2023

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, star and executive producer David Oyelowo has spoken of his hopes for the Lawmen series to be continued.

“The idea, going forward, is to have other lawmen in history whose story should be told, who haven’t been told, to have the opportunity to tell those stories,” he said. “I think there is a feeling, which I very much resonate with, that there is real potency and interest in telling stories of this nature about those who, for whatever reason, fell out of history unjustly. I’m a producer on those going forward; so, the idea is to keep the good work going.”

Where to stream Lawmen: Bass Reeves

Lawmen: Bass Reeves will be available to stream exclusively on Paramount+.

You can watch a full trailer for the series below:

Lawmen: Bass Reeves is streaming on Paramount Plus now. Check out our other coverage below: