James Gunn says Snyderverse Netflix campaign is “wackiest” thing ever

A poster for Zack Snyder's Justice LeagueWarner Bros.

James Gunn has responded to Zack Snyder fans constantly asking for the old DCEU to be sold to Netflix – he thinks it’s the “wackiest hashtag ever.”

Zack Snyder isn’t to blame for the fall of the DCEU. He produced one of the genre’s finest movies with Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman remains a fascinatingly divisive take on the superhero mythos. Don’t get us started on Justice League, either.

It boils down to the numbers, and it’s clear something had to change. Despite a vocal fanbase, the DCEU has grossed $6.1 billion across 11 movies, with Snyder’s movies underperforming at the box office compared to the MCU.

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With James Gunn and Peter Safran poised to reboot and rebuild the DCU, Snyderverse loyalists want to see their story continued – but it ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

James Gunn responds to Snyderverse Netflix campaign

In response to a fan spreading the #sellthesynderversetonetflix hashtag, Gunn wrote: “I have to say, this has got to be the wackiest hashtag ever since 1) Netflix hasn’t expressed any such interest (although we’ve discussed other stuff) & 2) Zack hasn’t expressed any interest & seems to be happy doing what he’s doing (and, yes, we too have talked).”

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Gunn also tweeted: “[Snyder] contacted me to express his support about my choices. He’s a great guy. Again, he seems really happy with the massive world-building he’s doing now.”

Later this year, Snyder will release Rebel Moon on Netflix, kicking off the start of his new sci-fi franchise that originated as a Star Wars pitch.

Basically, fans want to see the Darkseid saga teased in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which would have seen Superman falling to the Anti-Life Equation in the “Knightmare” future.

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Prior to its release, Snyder told The New York Times it was “the last movie I make for the DCU”, but his supporters refuse to give up. Maybe they’ll join Gunn under the sun of his new cinematic universe, but we doubt it.

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