Fans demand M3GAN vs Chucky movie: “We need it”

Cameron Frew
M3GAN and Chucky

M3GAN 2.0 may be happening, but there’s only one sequel fans actually want: M3GAN vs Chucky.

When it comes to killer dolls… build it and they will come. While memes and TikToks rolled out after its first trailer, M3GAN has proven itself to be one of the year’s early sensations, grossing nearly $100 million worldwide.

The movie, produced by James Wan and written by Malignant’s Akela Cooper, follows a young girl who befriends an advanced A.I. doll created by her auntie. Of course, things don’t go exactly to plan.

While news of a sequel has been met with excitement, there’s an opportunity here to give us what we really want: M3GAN vs Chucky – friends ’til the end.

Make M3GAN vs Chucky happen you cowards

Amid the success of the first movie, Universal Pictures and Blumhouse haven’t just greenlit a sequel – they’ve already given M3GAN 2.0 a release date, set to hit cinemas on January 17, 2025.

That’s all fine and well, and it’ll probably see M3GAN resurrected or born anew from that laptop full of stolen data in the film, but why not pit horror’s newest queen against one of Universal’s most famous slasher mascots, Chucky?

Once upon a time, crossovers were cash-grab novelties – and that’s okay. People love to dunk on Alien vs. Predator, but it’s so full of nonsense it’s almost hard to really hate. We’re not asking for a new cinematic universe, we just want a Friday night fight night movie, like Freddy vs. Jason.

“We’ve had… Alien vs. Predator, Freddy vs. Jason. It’s time for… Chucky vs. M3GAN,” one user wrote. “Can’t wait for the inevitable M3GAN vs Chucky movie,” another wrote.

“The M3GAN vs CHUCKY movie writes itself really. She’s programmed to protect a kid that Chucky’s tryna put his soul into and many people get murdered along the way,” a third tweeted.

“M3GAN and Chucky are both Universal titles. They have to do M3GAN VS CHUCKY, right?” a fourth wrote. “If there must be a M3GAN sequel, then give us what we want. Megan vs. Chucky,” a fifth tweeted.

“We need to bring back cheesy bad 90s horror crossovers so Megan and Chucky can fight,” another wrote.

It’s simple: put Chucky in the post-credits sting of M3GAN 2.0, setting up M3GAN vs. Chucky as the third movie in the franchise, and watch as the money piles up. Child’s Play, right?

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