Blumhouse promises 2025 horror will be “epic” with four mega franchise returns

Jasmine Valentine
Stills from M3gan, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Black Phone

Think 2024 horror is blowing your mind? Just wait until you see the “epic” 2025 horror slate on the way from Blumhouse.

We’re only halfway through the year and 2024 has already had a healthy dose of freaky horror movies, with hits including MaXXXine, Longlegs, and Terrifier 3 still to come.

However, according to Jason Blum, CEO of horror hitmaker Blumhouse Productions, this year has got nothing on what’s coming up in 2025.

Blum has every reason to be having the last laugh, with four of his giant successes — Insidious, M3GAN, The Black Phone, and Five Nights at Freddy’s — all set to return with new installments next year.

Taking to X/Twitter, he posted, “Hey all. We are working on another Megan and Black Phone and FNAF and Insidious all for next year. Buckle up. ‘25 is gonna be epic.”

While the Insidious franchise has been trucking away since 2010, video game adaptation Five Nights at Freddy’s was new to the roster as of last year. All four IPs had 2025 release dates already slated before Blum’s post — but exactly what awaits is still yet to be seen.

“Well sh*t Jason you didn’t have to go THAT hard on a Wednesday,” one fan replied, with another weighing in, “ALL NEXT YEAR? LETS GO.”

A third agreed, “Blumhouse producing the best horror movies.”

However, some don’t quite understand how a sequel to The Black Phone would work, with the original wrapping up with The Grabber being caught. If the new movie was a prequel exploring how The Grabber came to be, then Blumhouse could be cooking… but who’s to say?

Insidious 6 also has no disclosed plot, while M3GAN’s final scenes allude to the possibility of focusing on AI control.

As for Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, fans are expecting to see the introduction of the second game’s main villain, Springtrap. “I think we would see our animatronics again. But I also think we would have some new friends to meet as well,” director Emma Tammi told Dexerto.

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