Razer Cyber Monday deals 2022: What to expect

Looking for the best Razer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of 2022? We’ve got everything that you can expect from the big green peripheral brand right here.

Black Friday is coming, and Team Green and Black are probably going to come out kicking and backflipping, as they do with almost every sale. Going off of Prime Day and Early Access sales, Razer has continuously popped up on a regular basis.

Razer’s output has grown exponentially and we don’t expect to see the new Edge device appear in these sales, at all. What we will see are laptops, headphones, mice, and keyboards. Razer puts out a lot of peripherals, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Razer Blade Black Friday deals to look for

The Razer Blade 15 2022 really impressed us, despite its price. This Black Friday, we’re not expecting this to be discounted like you’d want it to, but a couple of hundred dollars at most should be shaved off here and there.

What we do expect is that the lesser Blade 14 and older models from 2021, or 2020 that are still lingering on warehouse shelves will be blasted out with a fat percentage mark next to them. Third-party sellers, like those on Amazon or Best Buy, will probably have much better deals in terms of these over Razer direct.

Razer Blade 14 – QHD 165Hz – GeForce RTX 3070 Ti – BlackUS$1,999.99US$2,599.9923% OFF
Razer Blade 14 ModelsUS$1,999.99US$2,599.9923% OFF
Razer Blade 15 ModelsUS$2,049.99US$2,299.9910% OFF

Razer mouse and keyboard Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

As with every sale, expect to see Razer’s peripherals get huge discounts. These are Razer’s bread and butter, really, and you can often find their MMO-focused mouse or their older model keyboards lingering around the many, many storefronts that stock them.

Seriously, go browsing through an Amazon sale and you’re almost guaranteed to find a Razer mouse and keyboard on a sale somewhere.

While the Blackadder V.3 might not get a slashing of the price, we expect those last models of the V.2 and the various other models that Razer put out on a frequent basis to get the Black Friday and Cyber Monday treatment.

As for Razer keyboards, while not a personal favorite, these almost always get their prices cut down to something a little bit more palatable. Be on the lookout for last year’s models, as the differences between on the keyboard side of things can often be minimal changes.

Razer DeathAdder V2US$45.99US$69.9934% OFF
Razer DeathAdder V2 MiniUS$29.99US$49.9940% OFF
Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro – BlackUS$84.99US$129.9934% OFF
Razer Mamba WirelessUS$59.99US$99.9940% OFF
Razer Naga ProUS$119.99US$149.9920% OFF
Razer Naga TrinityUS$79.99US$99.9920% OFF

Kishi and Wolverine controllers on sale:

Razer Kishi For Android (Xbox)US$44.99US$99.9955% OFF
Razer Kishi For IPhoneUS$59.99US$99.9940% OFF
Razer Wolverine V2US$59.99US$99.9940% OFF
Razer Wolverine V2 ChromaUS$99.99US$149.9933% OFF

Webcams, capture devices and microphones on sale:

Razer KiyoUS$69.99US$99.9930% OFF
Razer Kiyo ProUS$99.99US$199.9950% OFF
Razer Kiyo XUS$49.99US$79.9937% OFF
Razer Ripsaw XUS$79.99US$139.9942% OFF
Razer Seirēn EliteUS$129.99US$199.9935% OFF
Razer Seiren XUS$64.99US$99.9935% OFF
Razer Seirēn X – BlackUS$64.99US$99.9935% OFF

Razer headset Black Friday deals

Surprising us earlier this year, the Razer Blackshark will presumably get onto the discounted list. Razer’s headsets range from budget-friendly to expensive, all singing and dancing options.

The thing is, with a lot of models, comes a lot of excess stock. With 2023 lurking and an Android cloud device on the horizon, you can expect the wireless options to get deeper discounts this time around.

Razer KrakenUS$49.99US$79.9937% OFF
Razer Kraken KittyUS$109.99US$149.9926% OFF
Razer Kraken KittyUS$109.99US$149.9926% OFF
Razer Kraken UltimateUS$77.99US$129.9940% OFF
Razer NommoUS$116.99US$129.9910% OFF
Razer Nommo ChromaUS$152.99US$169.9910% OFF
Razer Nommo ProUS$539.99US$599.9910% OFF
Razer Opus – BlackUS$119.99US$199.9940% OFF
Razer Opus XUS$69.99US$99.9930% OFF
Razer KairaUS$49.99US$99.9950% OFF

Cyber Monday deals on gaming chairs from Razer

The Razer lineup of chairs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can bet anything they’ll show up in the various sales across the internet on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You can check out what we expect to see from the rest of the gaming chair world this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Razer’s options aren’t as deep as say, Secretlab, but you can bet any money that they’ll be seeing some sort of price reduction. Whether it’s via the direct site, Amazon or Best Buy has yet to be seen, but it’ll happen. It always does around this time of year.

Razer Iskur – Black / GreenUS$449.99US$499.009% OFF
Razer Iskur XUS$319.99US$399.0019% OFF
Razer Head CushionUS$31.99US$39.9920% OFF
Razer Head Cushion ChromaUS$95.99US$119.9920% OFF

We’re covering Black Friday big time this year, so be sure to check out our best deals for games and more.