Black Friday Cyber Monday deals: Secretlab, Razer, Corsair & more

Joel Loynds

Gaming chairs continue to be one of the biggest things in the industry, and during Black Friday, they all come down to a much cheaper price.

The gaming chair phenomenon has been raging for years now, and has no signs of slowing down. Between Razer, Secretlab, and other major brands, there’s a healthy supply of them out there. However, for some, they can come in a little too expensive.

That’s why Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become the perfect storm of chair purchasing, as we can heartily recommend some of the chairs that would usually be out of reach for a lot of people.

Secretlab Black Friday and Cyber Monday gaming chair sales 2023

Secretlab Titan Evo leatherette and softweave cookies n cream

Secretlab’s deals this year include up to $150 off classic models, as well as up to $100 off the Titan EVO models. These deals are live now and can be found across all their sites. Secretlab have also reduced their other furniture, bringing desks down by up to $100, and other accessories are currently 20% off.

Where to find the best Secretlab deals: UK, Canada, and Worldwide

Secretlab is currently running sales all around the world, but you’ll save more by buying from them directly.

Will Secretlab deliver chairs before Christmas?

You should get your chair before Christmas if you order during the Black Friday period. In the UK, you might be subject to delays due to postage strikes.

Secretlab, regardless of where you are in the world, has a decent track record of getting their chairs out of the warehouse. If you’re

Corsair deals on gaming chairs

corsair tc200

It’s still weird to talk about the company that makes our RAM and power supplies making our upholstery, but we digress.

Corsair run sales throughout the year that see their furniture offerings get heavy discounts. While Corsair seems to be moving into just about every facet of our gaming world, their furniture should see some deep sales from the various third parties, as well as Corsair themselves, come this November.

As for other furniture, we’re unsure if the desks and lighting will see as big a discount.

None of Corsair’s chair deals are currently live, but you can check out their range:

Razer chairs deals

Three people wearing the brand-new collection

Razer’s deals usually land around their other hardware, laptops, and the like. However, we fully expect some sort of deal to crop up over Black Friday for their various chairs. Those looking for something branded would probably want to keep an eye on the Hello Kitty and Genshin Impact chairs.

While these are their special editions, we do expect the regular versions to get much better discounts, fewer overhead costs, and licenses to worry about.

Razer are usually pretty good around big sales, so if you’re in the market for a gaming chair, you’d probably want to keep tabs on them just in case.

Like Corsair, none of these chairs are on sale right now, but we hope they will be!

Other gaming chair discounts this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We’ve decided to lump these three together, as they all have the same habit of housing similar-looking, but different branded chairs, as well as the main three seen above.

Amazon is the worst culprit, but we’ll be sure to go through Best Buy and Walmart with a fine tooth comb to ensure that nothing of low quality hits your house at any point.

We’re also going to be using them for our budget options, as while they do stock a lot of off-brand versions of gaming chairs, there are still some, like the X-Rocker, that deserve a spot.

Newegg gaming chair deals:

You can see all the various Newegg deals on gaming chairs using the button below. There’s a bounty of options, including $100s of dollars off a massive variety. If you want it, it’s probably going to be within the sale.

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