Black Friday Deals 2022: What we expect to see

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Black Friday 2022 is rapidly approaching, and with it will come a torrent of unbeatable deals for the holiday season, including gaming, tech, and entertainment offers from across the web.

Black Friday 2022 is creeping upon us, and we’re expecting big things from the deals this year. We’re banking on an ample supply of just about everything you can think of, with the crisis with the semiconductor shortage just about over.

While we were hoping to bring you things like the latest deals for GPUs, it seems as though Nvidia might be delaying some of their 40-series cards into 2023, while Intel might not launch one at all. However, you should see some deals from Intel and AMD in the CPU department as they begin to get rid of last-generation processors.

On the gaming side of things, there’s going to be a massive slashing of prices for any and all games, on PC, Xbox, and PS5. While we don’t expect many price drops on consoles like the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, you can look forward to Nintendo Switch deals Switch and Xbox Series S deals.

We’ll also be bringing you the best-in-class deals from online stores too, with Nintendo almost always having a few killer deals on the eShop.

When is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday will begin on November 25, 2022, a day after Thanksgiving. Though Black Friday is no longer even just on a Friday. Last year, we saw Black Friday sales start sometime early in November. You should expect deals to start cropping up a week ahead of time, but you should hold fire on any good deals that you might see until the big day itself.

There’s also Cyber Monday, which happens on Monday 28, 2022. You can also expect deals to run throughout the weekend, and for parts of the week after Cyber Monday, where we expect there will be more than a few tech deals to be had, and another opportunity to bite on any Black Friday bargains that you might have missed.

Best Black Friday Deals in 2022: Top places to shop

Looking for the best Black Friday deals in 2022’s sale? Well, there are a lot of places to choose from, with our preferred retailers listed below. This includes places like Amazon and Best Buy, both of which will be doing some of the top sales for practically everything bar the kitchen sink. Though, there might just be a few Kitchen sink deals floating around on there somewhere.

We’ll be focusing on things that matter though: like video games and tech. Included in our repertoire of stores are more specific entries, B&H and Crutchfield, which deal with audio visual, printers, and PCs. Regardless of what you might be looking for, for yourself or your friends and family, you should definitely look to

Expected Amazon Black Friday Deals 2022

Much like Prime Day, Amazon quite literally will dump everything onto their deals section without any real consideration for you. We’re here to go through each deal that’s available, bringing you the biggest drops from all corners of the site.

It can be difficult to navigate, but we’ll have all of the best deals right here for you to take a look at when the deals start to flow in.

Potential Best Buy Black Friday Deals 2022

Best Buy Black Friday Deals

Best Buy is a Black Friday staple at this point, you can guarantee that they will have excellent deals for you to gorge yourself on. From games, Blu-rays, TVs and so, so much more. If you want it on sale during Black Friday, you can probably expect it to get a price slash from the big blue and yellow store.

Best Buy also has its members club, TotalTech, which will cost you an additional fee each month. This usually unlocks extra savings and exclusive deals, which you might want to do, as the best deals might be hidden behind this one extra step.

Possible Gamestop Black Friday Deals 2022

Black Friday at Gamestop is always good for finding those games you missed earlier in the year, with last year’s netting us a few copies of 2021 games at bargain bin prices. But, you should also look out for their console bundle offers, as they will offer some excellent deals if you are looking for a new system.

Additionally, you should look to sign up for their rewards program, which may unlock further discounts online and in-store. So, keep your eyes peeled as we will be updating this with all of the best deals that Gamestop has to offer on Black Friday 2022.

Potential B&H Photo Black Friday Deals 2022

Streamers and content creators take note because B&H always have the best deals for a lot of products. Based in New York, they no longer just focus on photography gear. Creator-focussed products will help you level up your content will be on sale, and you could even get yourself a decently priced PC or laptop, too.

You should keep an eye out here for the best B&H deals, as they are usually one of the only retailers that will be discounting Apple products over the Black Friday season.

Expected Crutchfield Black Friday Deals 2022

Not always on the top of everyone’s list, but Crutchfield has incredible deals all year round on TVs and Apple products. In 2021, they reduced the highly sought-after Airpods Max to a more palatable price.

Crutchfield’s main focus is on car audio, but they’ve recently moved into audiovisual products, as well as Apple products, making them one to keep your eyes on as Black Friday approaches

Estimated Black Friday game console deals 2022

PS5 black friday deals

While we’re expecting games to get low in price, remember that we’re still in the midst of an electronics shortage. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 won’t be too discounted, but count on bundles to entice you in. The Series S has seen a few discounts, and we expect to see more this year. While the Nintendo Switch and its OLED variant will also come down in price too, especially as Nintendo wants to sell more units over the holiday season.

We’ll be rounding up all of the best game console deals of Black Friday right here, so you don’t have to go hunting for yourself.

Expected Black Friday Xbox Series X and S deals

One of the best consoles to grace our living rooms, the Xbox Series X and S provide superb backward compatibility and have access to Game Pass, one of the greatest deals you can get right now.

Whether you want to go all in on an Xbox Series X, with 4K120Hz, or be discrete and play at a solid 1080p with the wildly small Xbox Series S, Microsoft has managed to overcome most of their supply issues. Expect to see these with that big red sticker of prices slashed, especially as Microsoft wants to catch up to the staggering sales of the PlayStation 5.

Possible Black Friday PlayStation 5 deals

We’re hoping that Sony are holding back units to flood the market with when it comes with Black Friday, but we’ve no way of knowing. With God of War: Ragnarok finally coming out, it’ll be one of the hottest things to get hold of.

However, don’t expect too many discounts outside of bundle deals featuring recent games, since the PS5 is bound to sell out, no matter what it might be paired with.

Potential Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals

The Nintendo Switch is almost guaranteed to plummet in price on Black Friday. You’re going to see these them drop heavily in price as we get closer to Black Friday. With three versions, regular, OLED, and Lite, it’s going to be the perfect time to pick up a replacement console or new one, especially since the OLED model has some very lovely upgrades over the original console.

We’ll be rounding up the best console and bundle deals of Black Friday 2022 below, because you are bound to see some fantastic discounts on the console.

Expected Best Black Friday digital games sales and deals

We’ll be covering deals from literally everywhere online when it comes to digital games sales this Black Friday. Epic, Fanatical, CDKeys, Humble, and even the Nintendo eShop regularly have deals that are sure to empty the coffers.

Potential Black Friday prebuilt PC and laptop deals 2022

We already cover laptop deals in depth each week, but Black Friday is vastly different. The whole few days will see everything from the most budget to the highest tier of laptops get slashed down in price. If you’re after a decent prebuilt desktop, Best Buy and Amazon will have their wide selection on sale too.

With CES at the beginning of the year, manufacturers will be looking to move their older generation laptops out of warehouses, and that’s where you’re going to see the biggest discounts, you could very easily get yourself a massive bargain, which we’ll list below for you.

Possible Black Friday PC gaming deals 2022


We’re going to be seeing a tonne of sales for PC components this year, as both AMD and Nvidia plan on launching their new flagship GPUs and CPUs. Intel will also be joining the roost, with hopes that the 12th generation chips will see a solid reduction in price after the 13th gen, Raptor Lake, launches later this year.

Outside of the main trio, all the manufacturers will be participating across the globe to get new goodies into your hands and hopefully into your PCs.

Black Friday is a great time to also consider upgrading or replacing storage, as older HDDs or even SSDs begin to fail on you. It’s absolutely worth investing in some of the ‘boring’ bits and pieces too.

Possible Black Friday PC gaming peripheral deals 2022

Black Friday Deals keyboards

There’s going to be a tonne of peripherals for your PC on sale this Black Friday. Each year, the list grows and each year, the savings do too. Keyboards, mice, and even things like microphones or USB lamps for your desk. It’s all going to come down in price and we’re going to do the sifting through for the best gems. No work is needed.

On console, expect to see a flood of controllers and decent deals on extras to make your gaming just as comfortable or competitive as you want.

Potential Best Black Friday headphone deals 2022

Treat yourself to a new pair of fancy, noise-canceling headphones this Black Friday. It might actually help when those particular family members arrive at your doorstep, ready to have the yearly argument.

With a host of new models, you should expect the now-aged higher-end models to be discounted in price, meaning that it’s more than likely that you will be able to pick up an exceptional pair of headphones significantly under its original MSRP this Black Friday.

Expected Best Black Friday TV deals 2022


Black Friday is always the best time of year to buy a new TV. Getting the best image or even the best frames-per-second can mean the world of difference depending on how you game, or even watch movies.

We’ll be bringing you the top deals across TV and monitors from Black Friday, with our best recommendations from budget to high-end coming your way later this year. With higher-end models supporting HDMI 2.1 and exceptional gaming features, you can expect to find hundreds of TV deals littered across a whole host of websites.