Best video game Black Friday deals 2022: Gamestop, Humble & more

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The best video game deals always come around Black Friday. Nearly every store, physical and digital, will have something for you to pick up on the cheap.

Whether you’re on console, PC, or on the go, gaming deals are coming for your wallet this year. Just like every year, Black Friday is pretty much the best time to grab games you’ve missed throughout the year.

2022 has had some fantastic titles launch, with Pokemon Legends, Stray, Horizon: Forbidden West, and Elden Ring dominating our playtime. Meanwhile, smaller titles like Cult of Lamb, Tunic, and Neon White have made lasting impressions on the whole gaming sphere.

There are plenty of stores to choose from, so if you’re after something in particular, there’s bound to be one out there with a tantalizing deal.

Black Friday video game deals: What to expect from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft

If you want to see what the big three are up to this year, we’ve made our predictions over on separate pages. If you’re only interested in your preferred console, you’ll don’t have to dig through the bountiful deals we’ve uncovered.

We’re predicting that the games will be deeply discounted on Xbox, while the PlayStation selection might see a similar effect. Nintendo’s first-party choices might not have their prices slashed too hard, but you can be anything the hundreds of titles that litter the eShop and other stores will get much better discounts.

Expected Black Friday deals from Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a prime example of the type of store that will be bringing the smackdown when it comes to deals this Black Friday. Throughout the year Humble has run some of the best deals around, with themed ones for RPGs, FPS, and more.

They also stock titles for Switch, Mac, and Linux, so you’re not just limited to the usual PC affair.

We don’t expect to see too many deals on Humble Choice, their subscription service. In 2021, there was only a short-time deal, but it was a doozy. A full year for 45% off. If this happens again, you can bet anything that we’ll be featuring that deal on this page.

Predicted GameStop deals for Black Friday

With GameStop, much like any other brick-and-mortar store, you can expect to see a general range of discounts. Whether these will be better deals than their digital counterparts has yet to be seen.

However, we’d expect to see a whole bunch of Xbox One, PS4 and Switch games get their prices cut. As the current generation begins to ramp up even further (now three years in), physical titles from the PS5 and Xbox Series X will start to require more space.

GameStop will also have their wide range of accessories and miscellaneous items all on sale too, including Funkos, figures, and more.


In what we can only assume is a deal with the devil, GameFly still exists. Its vast quantities of rented titles aren’t what we’re focusing on here, as GameFly has a great catalog of used and new games that are discounted year-round.

GameFly should have a decent amount of games on sale come this Black Friday, with their used lineup giving us an indication of what they’re willing to drop prices to, even in September. Elden Ring is currently $35 for instance.

We’re not sure if they’ll have any deals on their subscription and rentals, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any wayward deals.

Call of Duty Black Friday deals

Call of Duty Modern Warfare perksActivision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be launching this October, with the game probably not seeing much of a discount when it comes to Black Friday. With a title so popular, we might expect it to be bundled in with consoles or even other accessories to create a deal.

If we see anything relating to Modern Warfare 2, we’ll be sure to include it here. Meanwhile, for those looking for classic experiences, the previous lineup of Xbox 360/PS3 era CoD titles have been recently discounted deeply by Microsoft on their digital store. You’ll also probably get a glimpse of something similar on PSN.

For those in the boat for a good deal on a laptop and the like, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any eligible Intel chips and laptops, which might include a copy of Modern Warfare 2 with your purchase.

We’re covering Black Friday all over the place this year. Check our predictions for Best Buy, Walmart, and more.