Amazon Cyber Monday deals 2022: Best sales on TVs, PC & more

Now probably the most popular storefront in the world, Amazon doesn’t hold back on Black Friday – or Cyber Monday. Never mind the millions of sellers as well.

With Prime Day just gone and Black Friday dusted, it’s time to break down some Cyber Monday deals from Amazon.

The thing to note with Amazon is that they themselves rarely sell 3/4 of the stuff you find on the site. Things are set up with third-party sellers and then sold, with both Amazon and the seller getting cuts of the money.

With this in mind, you’ve got to be wary of the upcoming holiday sales. Some sellers will pump the prices and then drop them back down to what they were before to seem like they were on sale.

We’ll be sure to do our due diligence and bring you only the best deals, with new lows and the like.

Amazon devices sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Without a doubt, we’re expecting to see that Black Friday and Cyber Monday, will bring some of the better deals this year. While not as impressive as their own Prime Day sales, you can bet anything that they’ll reduce to similar prices.

You’ll find that things like Amazon Alexa will see the deepest discounts, as Amazon is laser-focused on getting them into your home.

Outside of this, you can also expect to see the Fire tablets to also go on sale. These are Amazon’s budget Android tablets, perfect for last-minute presents and for the kids. While they don’t have Google’s own software, being on Android means you’ll be able to work around that quite easily.

Other than these two, Kindles and TVs, as well as Fire Sticks, will all be deeply discounted. Amazon wants to get into your home and with low, low prices, you can be anything that they’ll eventually sneak in.

Game console Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Amazon: Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation

As with almost every single other store, don’t expect too much on the game console front for deals. PlayStation 5s might have started to come into stock a little more often, but they also just saw a price hike.

The Xbox Series S has seen a few discounts from other stores, but whether Amazon and its sellers follow suit is another question. We expect Microsoft to do something around the Series S rather than the more expensive X, but it could hinge on Amazon’s sellers, rather than Bezos’ company itself.

The Xbox Series S is currently on sale, with a reduction of $50. You can find more about that below:

We haven’t seen our expected Nintendo Switch discounts this year. However, the thing with the Switch is that it’ll be a great get, as Amazon usually reduces the Switch software down to a much lower price than other stores throughout the year.

Amazon gaming sales:

Prebuilt PC and laptop deals

Alienware Laptop

Amazon is filled with junk, so this section will be extra careful to not bring you low-end machines at high-end prices for the sake of convenience. Laptops from Amazon are a mainstay of our deals page, so there’s no real concern there.

PC and laptops should have a decent price drop this year, as we’re seeing price drops due to cryptocurrency tumbles, as well as the world getting back into shape after the last couple of years.

However, we will be sure to keep tabs on the various prebuilt PCs, as there are bound to be a couple of deals for some higher-end systems trying to match their component compatriots.

Amazon Cyber Monday PC component deals

AMD RX6700

As with prebuilds, cryptocurrency has tanked prices recently with it moving away from needing the hardware. The world is moving on and so we’re expecting to see the components for last-generation parts come down dramatically.

While you won’t see RTX 40-series and RDNA 3 GPUs within the sales, you will see RTX 30-series and DDR4 RAM get deeper discounts than you’d expect.

Gaming peripherals and accessories deals

Without a doubt, there will be gaming peripherals and accessories included in the sales. Almost every day, Amazon has a section on their deals page that revolves around HyperX or HP, Logitech, and the like having a huge discount on a variety of headsets or mice.

Again, as with almost every other category on this page, we’ll be making sure to avoid suspicious sellers trying to pump and dump their products, as well as avoiding the heinous amount of low-quality products that infest this section of Amazon.

TV and projector deals to look out for this Cyber Monday on Amazon


Amazon surprised us this year, as their low-end, 4K TVs all hit sub-$500 once discounted. It’s absolutely one of the better places to seek out TVs for kids, parents, or if you’re on a budget this year.

Outside of the Fire TV branding, LG and Samsung have seen some of their lowest prices come out of Amazon, while smaller manufacturers will stealthily end up putting their TV selection on some of the better deals this side of the internet.

This is also the year you absolutely want to move from 1080p to 4K. As the panels and TVs themselves are now hitting much lower prices than ever before, we’re convinced we’ll see even bigger drops than we did on Prime Day for some of the major brands.

We’re covering Black Friday all over the place this year. Check our predictions for Best Buy, Walmart, and more.

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