Best gaming tablets in 2023: iPad, Samsung & more

gaming tablets

Looking for the best gaming tablet? We’ve got you covered with options running Android, iOS and much more, so you don’t have to keep looking around.

Gaming is everywhere, and the ways to play are ever-growing. Apple and Google’s app stores are full to the brim with a slew of games, and playing them your way is more than easy to set up. Whether you want to play with a controller or on a touch screen, gaming on a tablet is now one of the best ways to play a wealth of titles.

So, what tablet is best for gaming? Streaming, subscriptions, and openness have all been considered, but the real thing that matters is the hardware itself.

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Apple iPad Air

iPad Air

The Big Apple, the maker of one of the most perfect devices ever. The iPad Air is not as big as the Pro, nor as budget-friendly as the regular iPad or Mini, but it is the ideal one to buy.

Not only are you getting access to a great screen, but the ergonomics of the iPad are astounding. The relatively new flat surfaces and abundance of games on the platform make it one of the best gaming tablets available right now.

Apple Arcade is also a deeper rabbit hole than anticipated. The healthy amount of older mobile titles that you can play without ads, as well as a constant list of updated games makes it a fantastic option to play games on.

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While Apple won’t support streaming outright, you can actually play Xbox Game Pass and Steam Link on the iPad really easily.

Microsoft Surface 9

Surface 9

While they run Windows and are marketed as a laptop more than a tablet, these are one of the best options for gaming on the go – in tablet form. With no dedicated GPU and relying on the Xe line of Intel graphics, you should be able to find some flexibility with the huge amount of games available to you on Windows.

With access to both i5 and i7 models, people have managed to get things like GTAV running at 60FPS while on Low at 1080p. Of course, we’d not really recommend the Surface for AAA gaming, but older titles, retro, and emulation – including Android apps – are all available to you.

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These are fantastic tablets if you have the budget available for them. If you want something with a little more power, we’d start to look at the Asus ROG Flow line.

Samsung Tab S8+/Ultra

Samsung’s S8+ and Ultra are a toss-up between wanting a little more RAM and storage or settling for the baseline. Both feature the same specs, either way, it’s just these two aspects that might need consideration.

The AMOLED screen, along with the decent speakers, makes for a great gaming experience. What sets the S8 apart from the iPad is that it brings power to an Android tablet. Yes, there are others out there and the S9 refresh looms over us all, but for the bang for the buck, this is the one.

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Android also lets you bring other stores to your device, allowing you to access other games from other regions without any hassle. This lets you get into Japanese or Korean-only games that won’t ever reach our shores.

Plus, the bounty of emulation and retro gaming opportunities is second to none on Android. A stupendous OS for gaming on a tablet.

Asus ROG Flow Z13

Asus Rog

Asus’ Windows tablet is far and away one of the best ways to play 1080p gaming on the go. The Nvidia GPU inside, along with the fairly beefy CPU options, will let you play a vast majority of games handily.

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Much like the Surface 9, you’re also getting a wealth of options in terms of the types of games you can play. If you want to play your Android games, Windows now supports that natively.

Asus ROG Flow Z13 is getting a refresh very soon, so it might be worth holding out until that finally gets the 13th-generation chip and updated Nvidia gear inside. However, if you’re not overly fussed and can deal with 12th-gen and RTX 30-series cards, expect to see the last-gen ROG Flow Z13 get cut in prices.

Logitech G-Cloud


The all-in-one controller and tablet combination might not be the most powerful option on the market but is an excellent streaming device. You can actually play a lot of older Android titles easily, but things like Genshin Impact and Call of Duty: Mobile might not run properly.

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However, the big thing about the G-Cloud is the streaming aspect. If you have decent internet, Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia GeForce Now, and other services are fascinatingly good on this system. The Logitech G-Cloud might not hold its own on popular, locally run games, but it will blast through any and all streaming services.

The built-in controller is also serviceable for tonnes of stuff and works almost flawlessly with the rest of Android. If not, there’s a high-quality touchscreen.