How to enable Google Docs dark mode on mobile & PC

google docs logo on a chair in the dark

Fed up with the searing pain of a white background on your Google Docs? Well, here are some ways to turn on dark mode.

Google Docs, our favorite backup to things like Notion, and more. The perfect way to write a document and then fear the edits that come in afterward. If you’ve ever thought about what the barrel of a gun pointed at you might look like in slow motion, try submitting your work and watching someone edit live.

While it’s a super useful tool, the PC and mobile experiences are much different. On mobile, dark mode actually comes built-in and on PC, there’s a Google Chrome extension you’ll need to install.

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Google Docs Dark mode on PC

Yes, this does require a Chromium browser to use dark mode. For those on Mozilla Firefox, you might want to try DocsAfterDark.

Once you’ve loaded up your browser, head here and download the extension Google Docs Dark Mode. This will give you the option in your extensions menu to change Google Docs to, you guessed it, dark mode.

It’s that simple. While it’s not perfect, as you’ll be writing white onto black and that could end up being worse for you, there are some other options to consider. Find the one you like and delete the ones you don’t. We’re not sure what’d happen if you had two installed at the same time, but we’re positive it won’t break things… Too much.

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Turning on dark mode on mobile

Next, on mobile (this means iOS devices and Android devices), grab the app and we’re going to head into the menu via the hamburger button. From here, hit settings and you can select a theme. Light, dark, and system default will be your options.

If you’ve already got dark mode activated across your device, you’ll want to press ‘system default’. This will ensure that the app will always follow what you have set system-wide.