How to use GeForce Now on Steam Deck

Rosalie Newcombe
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Tired of playing the same old games on your Steam Deck & want console-level graphics on the move? GeForce Now could be the answer & we’ll show you how to install GeForce Now on Steam Deck right here.

Having all of your Steam games easily accessible on the go is one of the many reasons that make the Steam Deck stand out compared to other handhelds

With some clever tinkering, you can expand Steam Deck’s game library even further, streaming game services and apps that aren’t natively supported by the device. This includes streaming games from Nvidia’s cloud-streaming service, GeForce Now.

With GeForce Now on Steam Deck, you can access over 1,500 games, including titles like Fortnite that aren’t natively unsupported on the handheld. Now, Nvidia has brought out a new beta installation method for Steam Deck, and we have all the steps you need to play GeForce Now games on your handheld.


How to set up GeForce Now on Steam Deck

  • Turn on Steam Deck
  • Switch to desktop mode
  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to:
  • Navigate to ‘Steam Deck (BETA)
  • Select ‘Get Started’
  • Select ‘Download’
  • Double-click file
  • Extract to desktop
  • Open folder
  • Double-click GeForceNow_Setup
  • Select ‘Execute’
  • Select ‘Yes’
  • Return to gaming mode
  • Launch Nvidia GeForce Now

To play Nvidia GeForce Now games on your Steam Deck, access the Nvidia download page by switching to desktop mode and opening up the Google Chrome web browser.

With Google Chrome open, copy and paste the following link, or type it into the web browser’s search bar:

On the Nvidia GeForce Now download page, scroll down until you find the subheading, ‘Gaming Handheld Devices.’ Under the newly listed ‘Steam Deck (BETA)’, select ‘Get Started’ and a text prompt will appear on your device.

The text prompt will ask you if you are on the correct device. If you’re on the Steam Deck, go ahead and select the green ‘Download’ button and a .zip file will download to your handheld. Next, open the zip file by going to your Chrome downloads and double-click the file named ‘GeForceNOW_Setup.’

If you’re having trouble finding your Chrome downloads, click the button represented by three dots in the top right corner of your browser. Scroll down until you see the word ‘downloads’, and this will list anything you’ve downloaded from Google Chrome.

After double-clicking the setup file, select ARK to open up the zip folder. ARK is a graphical file compression program for Linux, similar to Windows WinRar. In Ark, select ‘Extract’ and extract the entire setup folder to your desktop for easy access.

Screenshot of desktop mode on the Steam Deck.

Close down ARK, and double-click the GeForceNOW_Setup folder now on your Steam Deck desktop. From here, double-click the file named ‘GeForceNOW_Setup’ and select ‘Execute’, then ‘Yes’ when prompted. This will download the new GeForce Now beta installation to your handheld.

Screenshot of desktop mode on Steam Deck.

Your Steam Deck will now restart. Upon booting up, your Steam Deck will automatically return to desktop mode and a small dialog box will appear. This dialog box will proudly state that Nvidia GeForce Now is now set up on your Steam Deck, and ready to go.

Screenshot of the non-Steam tab on gaming mode on a Steam Deck.

To start using GeForce Now, return to gaming mode and launch the newly listed app from your non-Steam gamine library. Unlike previous methods, this version of GeForce Now will automatically have its custom thumbnail art, making it look the part as the rest of your Steam library.

Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck

  • Turn on Steam Deck
  • Switch to desktop mode
  • Open Discover app
  • Search ‘Google Chrome’
  • Select ‘Install’ to download Google Chrome

To set up GeForce Now on the Steam Deck, you first need to install Google Chrome. Installing Google Chrome on the device will enable us to get around the lack of an official Steam Deck GeForce Now app, letting us stream games in gaming mode. To begin, turn on the Steam Deck and switch to desktop mode to access the Discover app.

Screenshot of the Discover app showing Google Chrome in desktop mode on Steam Deck.

Open the Discover app in desktop mode by clicking on the icon featuring a blue-colored bag on the bottom toolbar of the screen. From here, click within the search bar and type ‘Google Chrome’ to populate a list of related apps.

Click on ‘Google Chrome’, which should be the top result, and once on the next page, click on the ‘Install’ option in the top right corner of the Discover window. It may take a few seconds for Google Chrome to finish downloading onto your device.

How to stream GeForce Now on Steam Deck web browser

You can also stream GeForce Now games straight on your handheld’s web browser. To get started, you will need to ensure you’re using Google Chrome. Other web browsers available on the Steam Deck, such as Chromium, aren’t supported to stream Nvidia GeForce Now games.

With Google Chrome open, copy and paste the following link, or type it into the web browser’s search bar:

Once on the Nvidia website, select the green ‘Launch on Browser’ button, followed by selecting the ‘Get in’ button on the following screen. From here, log in to your GeForce Now account by scanning the available QR code, or entering the on-screen pin on your smartphone, or tablet.

Screenshot of desktop mode on the Steam Deck.

Once the log-in is complete, a screen on your smartphone, or tablet, will state that it is “logging into SteamOS Console STEAMDECK.” By clicking continue, your Steam Deck screen will update, logging you into Nvidia GeForce Now.

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