Intel pumping prices of 12th and 13th gen CPUs by 10%

The bell tolls for cheaper CPUs, as Intel has begun their announced price increase across their 12th and 13th generation CPUs.

It seems even the mighty Intel can’t escape what’s happening in the wider world. The company’s last earnings report wasn’t looking too great, so Intel announced they’d be increasing prices to combat it.

While it appears to be affecting a vast majority of their current component output, CPUs have been hit first. Older CPUs from the 12th generation, Alder Lake, have had their prices increased already. Raptor Lake, which launched in the latter half of 2022, is expected to be hit next.

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The 10% increase has hit everything from the i9-12900K to the i3-12100. This means the last generation flagship CPU has gone from $589 to $648, jumping the price by $59.

As mentioned above, the price increase is coming for other components, but we’ve yet to see any of the fledgling Intel Arc GPUs actually see a price increase. You’ll also find that stores like Newegg and Best Buy might not yet increase their prices, as the stock will have been bought at a lower cost.

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This does weirdly place the 12th-generation chips at a more expensive price than the newer, more powerful 13th gen CPUs. However, while it was announced that this price hike would happen, it was acted out quietly.

Alongside the price increase of the CPUs, the new B760 motherboards will see the price jump up too. This will further raise the prices of an already expensive new generation of PCs.

This plan from Intel doesn’t stop there either, as there’s still a further 20% increase coming to other components later down the line. Whether this is planned for the Arc GPUs or other types of CPUs that Intel provides (low-end Celerons or high-end Xeon chips) has yet to be seen.

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Intel has also just announced their new 13th-generation laptop chips.