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10 Best games on Apple Arcade to download and play

Published: 27/Dec/2021 9:07 Updated: 27/Dec/2021 9:21

by Sam Smith


Apple Arcade is growing in popularity and the service has some real gems that have gone unnoticed by the wider gaming community. Here are some of the best games on Apple Arcade.

The Apple Arcade platform is a monthly subscription service boasting a wide array of games that can be played on mobile platforms such as iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Some also work incredibly well on Apple TV, allowing traditional gamers to experience them in a setting that’s comfortable and familiar.

The service costs a reasonable $4.99 a month and has expanded across Apple’s various platforms in the past couple of years. We think Apple Arcade is becoming increasingly good value for money, as more and more quality games arrive on the platform.


apple arcade titles
Some of the titles that appear on Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade: Best Games

In no particular order, here’s ten of the best games you can download and play on Apple Arcade today:

1. Bleak Sword

If you’re looking for a grim 8-bit throwback with Dark Souls and Undertale vibes, then check out Bleak Sword. While the gothic retro art style won’t be for everyone, the game’s combat is remarkably fluid. It’s also highly addictive and difficult to master. Be warned, this one’s definitely a throw risk.

Bleak Sword gameplay
Bleak Sword is like an 8-bit Dark Souls

2. Patterned

Patterned is well crafted and relaxing jigsaw puzzle game that’s not too difficult or pathetically easy. It’s a light brain-teasing experience that can be picked up for short stints of play. The puzzle designs are a treat for the eyes and genuinely fun to tackle.


3. Beyond Blue

This one comes highly recommended and is a real showcase for what Apple Arcade can do. Not only is this one of the platform’s best games, it’s even worth experiencing on mobile, Mac, and Apple TV. The game feels like you’re living in a David Attenborough documentary as your character explores the ocean and its wildlife. Its story is also as deep and immersive as the environments you’ll explore.

Beyond blue banner
E-Line Media
Beyond Blue is like a playable BBC Blue Planet documentary.

4. Tetris Beat

Tetris Beat is exactly what it sounds like, Tetris and tunes! It combines the classic (and gorgeously redesigned) puzzle aspects of Tetris with beat mechanics to create endless replayability. It’s best experienced on mobile with high-quality headphones.


5. Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls

This is a must-have for Castlevania fans as Grimoire of Souls borrows from some of the most celebrated entries in the series and brings them to Apple Arcade. Those new to Castlevania, but who enjoy 2D platform adventures should also take a bite out of this mobile vampire epic.

6. Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2 is a real improvement over the first game. It also wears its Zelda Breath of the Wild inspiration clearly on its sleeve. While some will criticize Oceanhorn 2 as unoriginal, it’s actually a very fun experience. It’s also the closest thing you’ll ever get to Zelda on Apple Arcade.


Oceanhorn 2 gameplay
Cornfox and Brothers Ltd
Oceanhorn 2 is like Breath of the Wild at the beach!

7. Wurdweb

Those who enjoyed Words with Friends will find a lot to love about Wurdweb. The game follows a similar premise, pitting two players against one another, but with expanded modes and mechanics. Just try not to fall out with your nearest and dearest if they beat you six times in a row!

8. Galaga Wars+

Galaga Wars+ is as retro as can be. The game is essentially modern Space Invaders, and remember how fun that was? Those who get a kick out of simple spacefaring shooters will adore Galaga Wars, it’s highly addictive and insanely well suited to Apple Arcade.

9. Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker is a tense mystery game that really deserves more attention. The premise is that the protagonist is hitchhiking across the country to a mysterious destination, chatting to drivers as they go. The fun is piecing together why you’re going there, and who you really are. Those who enjoy immersive single-player experiences with access to Apple Arcade should really give this a look.


Hitchhiker gameplay
Mad About Pandas
Hitchhiker can be a tense experience.

10. Fantasian

Fantasian is clearly influenced by the early Final Fantasy games, especially 5 and 6, but this Apple Arcade RPG manages to be its own entity. Its art style is charming with lush environments and character designs.

The game gives players a classic quest to complete, along with an engaging story folded into an experience that can be picked up and put down at will. Those looking for a new mobile turn-based adventure should download it and see for themselves.