How tall is Jason Oppenheim from Selling Sunset? Height revealed

Stephanie Harper

Jason Oppenheim’s height is a hot topic, since he’s always surrounded by women who are so much taller than him. How tall is the broker?

After watching an episode or two of Selling Sunset on Netflix, one serious question might come to mind: How tall is Jason Oppenheim?

The wealthy real estate broker, attorney, and reality TV star has an impressive career under his belt. He’s constantly surrounded by some of the most beautiful women in Southern California who work as real estate agents at his brokerage.

Whenever he stands next to some of the women who work for him, his height becomes a tad more obvious. Here’s the truth about how tall Jason actually is.

Jason Oppenheim is 5’3”

Jason stands at 5‘3“ tall. His twin brother, Brett Oppenheim, is the same height. The reason their height has been “exposed” to the public is because Christine Quinn did an interview with Grazia and turned this little detail into public knowledge.

Christine no longer works for Jason, but that’s never stopped her from speaking her mind about him and the rest of her former co-workers.

As far as the rest of the real estate agents, a handful of the women working for Jason are incredibly petite, as well.

Vanessa Villela was part of Selling Sunset during its fourth season. She’s no longer with the show, but she’s 5’4”. Mary Fitzgerald, who’s 5’5″, has been part of the Selling Sunset cast from the beginning. She used to have a romantic relationship with Jason!

Chrishell Stause is equally as tall as Mary at 5’5”, and she also briefly dated Jason. Amanza Smith is the next shortest real estate agent in the office at 5’6”.

There’s a bit of confusion about Emma Hernan’s height since she’s always wearing super high heels. For the most part, it’s believed that she’s 5‘6″ also.

The rest of the women in the office are 5‘7“ or taller. This includes Heather Rae Young, Chelsea Lazkani, and Bre Tiesi.

It’s clear that taller women have never intimidated Jason since he’s always been comfortable hiring them to be part of his staff for several years in a row now.