What Pokemon is coming next to Pokemon Go?

Andrew Highton
pikachu smiling in pokemon go

The ever-growing Pokemon Go roster is expected to keep expanding, and we’ve got all the latest information on the next Pokemon to arrive in Niantic’s free-to-play mobile title.

Pokemon Go allows fans to live out their wildest dreams by going out into the world to capture and assemble a spellbinding team of powerful Pokemon. This is essential if you want to be able to take down the likes of Team Rocket’s Arlo or leader Giovanni.

On the other hand, if you’re just in it to collect and have fun, then you’re going to want to capture all of the game’s available Pokemon.

Just like the National Pokedex, there are new incoming arrivals all the time. But who is set to join the Pokemon Go Party next?

fighting pokemon in pokemon go

Who is the next Pokemon Go Pokemon?

Regieleki is all set to be the next major arrival in Pokemon Go and will be joining the fray on April 9, 2023, for players to be able to acquire.

This will take place as part of the newest Elite Raids in the game, and Regieleki will likely prove to be a challenge if players want to take them down.

This will take the available number of Pokemon Go creatures to nearly 800, and we know that there are still tons of other Pokemon tucked away in the game’s files.

That’s all we know for now on the latest Pokemon coming to Niantic’s mobile phone game, but once we learn more about any other additions, we’ll be sure to update this guide for you!

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