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Pokemon Go Orange Incense: What is different about it?

Published: 6/Sep/2021 12:12

by Daniel Megarry


If you’ve noticed an Orange Incense appear in your Pokemon Go inventory, you might be wondering what’s different about it. We’re here to explain that for you.

There are a number of handy items that trainers can use in Pokemon Go to assist them on their journey to catching ’em all, such as Potions to heal, Lucky Eggs to earn more XP, and Fast TMs to learn new moves.

One of the most useful items is Incense, which spawns Pokemon near a trainer’s location for an hour, at an average rate of one per minute. This is especially useful when players can’t travel or leave the house.


However, as the game has progressed through the years, Niantic have added an orange version of Incense, and many players still don’t know what it’s used for. Fortunately, the answer is quite simple.

Orange Incense
Incense can be green or orange, depending on which Pokemon it will attract.

What is Orange Incense in Pokemon Go?

While normal Incense has a green and white color scheme, the item sometimes changes to orange and white, and you may be left wondering why this happens. Well, it’s all related to events.

If you have an Orange Incense in your Item Bag, that means there’s a Pokemon Go event going on, and using Incense will only attract Pokemon that have something to do with that in-game event.


For example, in the Kanto celebration event, which ran from February 21 to February 27, 2021, Orange Incense attracted a specific set of creatures from the Kanto region including Caterpie, Machop, and Krabby.

Similarly, in the Hoopa’s Arrival event that ran for just one day on September 7, 2021, a rotating set of Psychic and Ghost Pokemon were attracted to Incense to help Trainers complete the event-exclusive Collection Challenge.

So essentially, Green Incense and Orange Incense function in the same way. The only difference is that Orange Incense will attract specific types of Pokemon, while Green Incense has the potential to attract any Pokemon.


Screenshot of Pokemon Go Kanto Celebration.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Orange Incense will attract specific ‘mon during in-game events.

How to get Orange Incense in Pokemon Go

There’s no special method required to get your hands on Orange Incense. Any existing Incense you have in your Item Bag will simply change color for the duration of events that feature unique Pokemon spawns.

When it comes to stocking up on Incense, there are a few ways to get them:

  • As a reward for leveling up.
  • As a reward for completing Special Research tasks.
  • By purchasing them from the Item Shop for 40 Pokecoins.

If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned Pokecoins, Incense can be quite rare to come across, so make sure you’re only using it when you really need it, or when there’s an event-specific Pokemon you want.

That’s all you need to know about Incense and Orange Incense. For more tips to become the ultimate Trainer, make sure you visit our dedicated Pokemon hub and check out the guides below:


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