Pokemon Go Pokedex update: All changes, Shiny classification & how to get it

Pokemon Go Pokedex UpdateNiantic / The Pokemon Company

There’s a brand new Pokedex update in Pokemon Go, and it introduces classifications that will help Trainers keep track of everything from Shinies to Purified to Event Pokemon.

While players have previously been able to search through their Pokemon Go Pokedex by ‘Mega’ ability or the region they first appeared in, they’ve otherwise been pretty limited in the ways they can categorize.

Niantic finally provided an update to improve the Pokedex’s search function on June 28, 2021, where they announced that Pokedex classifications would be introduced to “keep track of different Pokemon variants and attributes”.

Pokemon Go Pokedex update classifications

Prior to the update, Trainers could only choose between ‘All’ and ‘Mega’ categories in their Pokedex, meaning they’d have to manually search for any Shinies, 3 Stars, or Event Pokemon, for example.

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Trainers can now select the following categories to view in their Pokedex:

  • Purified
  • Shadow
  • Perfect
  • 3 Stars
  • Shiny 3 Stars
  • Shiny
  • Lucky
  • Event
  • Mega
  • All

The changes have gone down very well with players. Many of them have celebrated that they can now figure out which Shinies, hundos, and Lucky Pokemon they still need to get, making events easier to plan for.

Some Trainers have reported that certain categories aren’t showing for them, or that certain categories aren’t retroactive while others are, so it seems Niantic still has some bugs to figure out during this test period.

How to get the new Pokedex update in Pokemon Go

While the new Pokedex update has begun rolling out to some players around the world, it’s entirely at random right now. There doesn’t appear to be any way to get early access or speed up the process, either.

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This means it’s simply a waiting game to find out when you’ll be given the new features. With the response being largely positive, though, it hopefully won’t be too long until Niantic gives the updated Pokedex to all Trainers.

New Pokemon Go real-time sky mechanic

As well as the new Pokedex update, Trainers in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and Mexico will now be able to see real-time skies while walking around the overworld. This mimics what the sky looks like in real life!

Like the Pokedex update, this is currently only available for select players, so it’s likely that Niantic is testing it out and will fix any bugs or issues before it’s rolled out around the world.

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That’s everything you need to know about the Pokedex update. We’ll keep this page updated when Niantic provides a worldwide release date, but until then, check out our Pokemon Go main page for the latest news.