Pokemon Go Misunderstood Mischief Research: Step 15 & 16 guide

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Pokemon Go Misunderstood Mischief Hoopa

The Misunderstood Mischief Special Research in Pokemon Go culminates in a thrilling meeting with the enigmatic Hoopa. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all the challenges and rewards that await Trainers.

Pokemon Go took an intriguing turn in August 2021 when enigmatic portals started appearing, sparking curiosity among Trainers. It wasn’t long before Niantic unveiled the truth behind these anomalies: the arrival of the Mythical Hoopa, a Psychic/Ghost-type Pokémon, in Pokemon Go.

In order to unlock Hoopa in its Confined form, players need to complete the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research. It’s the first season-long Special Research story we’ve ever seen in Go, and all 16 Steps are now available.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the release date for all of the Misunderstood Mischief Steps, the rewards you’ll unlock along the way, and ultimately how to catch Hoopa itself.


Hoopa in Pokemon
Trainers will finally be able to get Hoopa in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Misunderstood Mischief tasks & rewards

These are all of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research tasks that have been unlocked so far as well as the rewards that you can earn:

Step 1 of 16

  • Make 10 Nice Throws – 1 Incense
  • Use an Incense – 10 Poke Balls
  • Take 3 snapshots of a wild Psychic-type Pokemon – 10 Nanab Berries

Rewards: Gothita encounter, 500 Stardust, and 1,000 XP

Step 2 of 16

  • Collect reward – 720 Stardust

Rewards: 720 XP

Step 3 of 16

  • Make 5 Curveball Throws – 15 Poke Balls
  • Catch 10 different species of Pokemon – 15 Great Balls
  • Earn 5,000 Stardust – 3 Max Revives

Rewards: Hoopa Confined encounter, 1,000 Stardust, and 1,000 XP

Step 4 of 16

  • Collect reward – 720 Stardust

Rewards: 720 XP

Step 5 of 16

  • Power up Pokemon 10 times – 15 Great Balls
  • Catch 20 Psychic-type Pokemon – Abra
  • Evolve 3 Psychic-type Pokemon – 10 Revives

Rewards: Wobbuffet encounter, 10 Potions, 10 Inkay Candy

Step 6 of 16

  • Collect reward – 720 Stardust

Rewards: 720 XP

Step 7 of 16

  • Take a snapshot of your Buddy – Furfrou encounter
  • Catch a Furfrou – 1 Fast TM
  • Earn a heart with your Buddy – 1 Charged TM

Rewards: Minccino encounter, 1 Unova Stone, and 15 Furfrou Candy

Step 8 of 16

  • Collect reward – 720 Stardust

Rewards: 720 XP

Step 9 of 16

  • Make 3 Nice Curveball Throws – 15 Slowpoke Candy
  • Transfer 30 Pokemon – Galarian Slowpoke encounter
  • Evolve one Slowpoke – 1990 XP

Rewards: Shedinja encounter, 5 Max Potions, 40 Slowbro Mega Energy

Step 10 of 16

  • Collect reward – 720 Stardust

Rewards: 720 XP

Step 11 of 16

  • Earn 3 Candies walking with your Buddy – 10 Yamask Candy
  • Catch 30 Ghost-type Pokemon – 10 Phantump Candy
  • Catch 30 Dark-type Pokemon – 10 Pumpkaboo Candy

Rewards: Costumed Pikachu encounter, 15 Ultra Balls, and 40 Mega Gengar Energy

Step 12 of 16

  • Collect reward – 720 Stardust

Rewards: 720 XP

Step 13 of 16

  • Make a new Friend – Meditite encounter
  • Send 10 Gifts to Friends – Chinchou encounter
  • Use 20 Berries to help catch Pokemon – 2 Silver Pinap Berries

Rewards: Blitzle encounter, 1 Poffin, and 10 Dedenne Candy

Step 14 of 16

  • Collect reward – 720 Stardust

Rewards: 720 XP

Step 15 of 16

  • Defeat 5 Team Go Rocket Grunts – 1 Rocket Radar
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Leaders – 1 Rocket Radar
  • Defeat the Team Go Rocket Boss – 1 Lucky Egg

Rewards: Absol encounter, 2 Golden Razz Berries, 40 Mega Houndoom Energy

Step 16 of 16

  • Claim reward – 2000 XP
  • Claim reward – 2000 XP
  • Claim reward – 2000 XP

Rewards: Dusknoir encounter, 20 Hoopa Energy, 1 Star Piece

A total of 16 Misunderstood Mischief Special Research Steps were released gradually throughout the Season of Mischief, and the tasks and rewards above remain available to all long after the end of the event.

How to get Hoopa in Pokemon Go

The Mythical Hoopa in Pokemon Go
Unlocking an encounter with Hoopa is actually quite simple.

You only need to complete the first three Steps of the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research to unlock Hoopa, making it quite easy to get in comparison to previous Mythicals that have been in Pokemon Go.

Even better, there are no tasks for Step 2, just rewards to claim. All you need to do is complete all three tasks in Step 3, and one of your overall rewards will be an encounter with Hoopa!

What is the difference between Hoopa Confined and Hoopa Unbound?

Pokemon Hoopa Unbound

Hoopa’s transformation between Confined and Unbound brings notable changes, primarily in typing. The Confined form is a Psychic/Ghost-type, while the Unbound form adopts Psychic/Dark-type.

This shift affects their battle dynamics, with the Unbound version boasting higher Attack and Defense stats, and a considerably higher max CP compared to the Confined form.

Stamina remains constant at 173 for both, maintaining their status as glass cannons in combat scenarios.

With so many Steps in the Misunderstood Mischief Special Research, Hoopa Unbound served as an excellent final reward before the Season of Mischief ended in December 2021.

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