Pokemon Go Incense Guide: How to get and use Incense

Nathan Ellingsworth
Key art for Pokemon Go shows a trainer interacting with a Swinub over an incense

If you’re a keen Pokemon Go player then you must have noticed the plethora of Pocket Monsters wandering the world, all waiting to help you “Catch ‘Em All” and fill that Pokedex.

But, if you’re stuck at home, or live in a rural area, then occasionally the spawns can dry up, and it’s in these times that one of Pokemon Go’s most useful items comes into play. Incense allures Pokemon and drags them into your vicinity, helping you to catch even more of those cuddly creatures.

So, if you’re hoping to see even more Pokemon on your journey, or get some extra spawns on busy days like Pokemon Go Community Day, then be sure to check out our guide breaking down everything you need to know about the Incense item in Pokemon Go.

How to get Incense in Pokemon Go for free

A screenshot from Pokemon Go shows the Incense item

The quickest and easiest way to get Incense in Pokemon Go is by steadily leveling up. Incense is often a reward for reaching new levels, and higher levels often reward players with multiple items.

Pokemon Go players are rewarded with an Incense when reaching the following levels:

  • 5
  • 7
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30 (3x Incense)
  • 35 (2x Incense)
  • 40 (4x Incense)
  • 45 (2x Incense)
  • 50 (5x Incense)

If you want more help with this, then be sure to check out our guide to all the Pokemon Go Level Requirements.

Otherwise, players should place their Pokemon in gyms to earn Poke Coins and use them to buy Incense from the main Pokemon Go shop.

Finally, Incense is occasionally offered as a reward for Pokemon Go Timed Research, Special Research, and Battle League challenges.

Keep an eye on all the latest events to see if Incense is one of the prizes on offer, such as with the upcoming Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global event, as well as the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 Global Eggs-travaganza, and the Inbound from Ultra Space event.

How to get Incense in Pokemon Go with money

A screenshot from Pokemon Go shows the shop with Incense on sale

Trainers can purchase Incense in Pokemon Go by following these instructions:

  • Press the main Poke Ball icon at the bottom center of the screen
  • Click Shop
  • Scroll down to find the Incense item and the 8 Incense item bundle
  • Click on the items to purchase them with your existing Poke Coins

If you have already earned some Poke Coins from leaving Pokemon in gyms, then you can use some of these to buy Incense here. Otherwise, you can use real money to purchase coins from the Pokemon Go shop, and then use that to buy Incense instead.

How to use Incense Pokemon Go

A screenshot from the Pokemon Go menu shows different types of Incense

To use Incense in Pokemon Go, follow these instructions:

  • Click the Poke Ball icon on the bottom center of the main overworld screen
  • Click on Item
  • Scroll to Incense
  • Click on any Incense you have in your inventory
  • When an Incense appears over the overworld, tap the Incense item to activate it

Then, players have an hour to make use of increased spawns, though you can also use the Adventure Effect of Origin Forme Dialga to extend this further.

Also, events such as Pokemon Go Community Day occasionally extend this period without the need for any additional effects, often making Incense last for three full hours instead of just one.

How to unlock Incense in Pokemon Go

Key art for Pokemon Go shows a Trainer using Incense and exploring

Pokemon Go unlocks the Incense item when Trainers reach Lv. 5, rewarding the player with one of the helpful items for reaching the milestone.

How to use Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon Go

Screenshots from Pokemon Go show how to use the Daily Adventure Incense

If you have been browsing your inventory and wondered how to use the Daily Adventure Incense, this item is slightly different from the main Incense, as it replenishes every day.

As the name describes, the Daily Adventure Incense recharges every 24 hours, and when charged if players click the incense icon on the top right of the screen, they will begin a 15-minute countdown.,

During this time, like a regular Incense, Pokemon are drawn to the Trainer from far away, making some Pokemon that might not normally appear in the encounter pool suddenly arrive in front of players. In fact, the Galarian Birds from Sword and Shield’s DLC are exclusive to the Daily Adventure Incense encounters.

While this item can work while standing still, it is much more effective while walking. Keep moving when using either a normal Incense or the Daily Adventure Incense to encounter more Pokemon. This also makes it a great time to try and hatch Eggs.

That’s all we have for our Pokemon Go Incense guide, but if you want to learn about more tools in the PoGo arsenal, be sure to check out our guides explaining Poke Balls, Golden Lure modules, and Rainy Lure modules.