How to get Golden Lure modules in Pokemon Go & how they work

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Pokemon Go has introduced a new type of Lure Module alongside the debut of Roaming Form Gimmighoul. The new Golden Lure has certain requirements to be obtained and works differently during events.

Pokemon Go players can now find Roaming Form Gimmighoul lurking in the mobile app. The debut of the new Paldea species comes alongside a curious new item: the Golden Lure Module. Unlike other Lures used in the game, this Module allows players to collect Gimmighoul coins when spun for a limited time.

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However, players will need to complete a handful of tasks before they are able to access their first Golden Lure Module and think carefully about when to use it.

Here is everything Pokemon Go players need to know in order to obtain their first Golden Lure Module and what restrictions to consider before using it while playing the game.

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How to get Golden Lure Modules in Pokemon Go

Players who would like to use Golden Lure Modules will first need to pair their mobile app with their copy of Scarlet or Violet. They can then send postcards to the Gen 9 games to obtain the Golden Lure Modules.

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More specifically, Pokemon Go players will receive a Golden Lure Module for every five postcards they send to Scarlet & Violet.

Below are the steps players will need to follow to connect their mobile game with the new Gen 9 titles.

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  • Launch Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  • Open the ‘X’ menu and select ‘Pokemon Portal’
  • Select ‘Mystery Gift’
  • Select ‘Connect to Pokemon GO’
  • Select ‘Pair with a Pokemon Go account’ if you haven’t already (you can do this once per day)
    • Launch Pokemon Go
    • Navigate to settings
    • Scroll down to ‘Nintendo Switch’
    • Select ‘Connect to Nintendo Switch’
    • Select ‘Yes’ on your Nintendo Switch screen once paired

How to use a Golden Lure in Pokemon Go

Players who have obtained and would like to activate a Golden Lure Module can do so by selecting the desired module while inside the ‘lure’ option of a PokeStop. Like standard PokeStops, these Lures last 30 minutes.

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According to the PokemonGoLive website, these modules will drop more items than usual, alongside the Gimmighoul coins.

Golden Lure Modules do not get event bonuses

At this time, it does not appear that Golden Lure Modules will be extended to the three-hour duration of other Lures during events. According to a Twitter post shared by PokemonGoHub, Niantic has confirmed that for the upcoming event Festival of Colors, the special Lures will not get the bonus.

It is likely this also applies to Community Days and other in-game celebrations.

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