Pokemon Go players achieve massive 12-hour Adventure Incense with Dialga trick

Nathan Ellingsworth
A Pokemon Go trainer holds their phone, with the screen showing the Adventure Incense activated

The Pokemon Go Road to Sinnoh event welcomed some new powers and features to the game and Pokemon Go players are already using these new abilities for some amazing tricks.

Niantic recently confirmed that Pokemon Go would be getting an exciting new feature, as the Timeless Travels season and the addition of Origin Forme Palkia and Dialga ushered in the new features, known as Adventure Effects.

These wild new ways to play the game use the aforementioned Pokemon’s moves to change the way players interact with the world but at the cost of a serious amount of Candy.

The new forms of Dialga and Palkia debuted at the Pokemon Go Road to Sinnoh event in LA recently and players are already using the new abilities to break the game.

Pokemon Go streamers catch over 1000 Adventure Incense ‘mons with Road of Time

A Pokemon Go Streamer couple named Grant and Alex recently shared a post on X, showing how they had amassed over 1000 Pokemon with a single Adventure Incense, using Dialga’s new Roar of Time Adventure Effect to elongate the 15-minute incense to a mammoth 12 hours.

Alongside the post, they shared the comment, “Caught over 1,000 Pokemon on the daily incense yesterday.”

For players wondering how this is possible, the Roar of Time Adventure Effect, which is currently exclusive to Origin Forme Dialga, can be used to extend timers such as Adventure Incense, Lucky Eggs, Star Pieces, etc.

However, extending timers nce using this method – for just six minutes – costs 5,000 Stardust and 5 Dialga Candy. Now, imagine the cost of extending those timers up to twelve hours – not every trainer can achieve this wild feat.

Other Pokemon Go players shared their admiration in the comments below Grant and Alex’s post, with one comment saying, “BIG POGGERS. That’s incredible!!” While another comment adds, “sheeeeeessssssssssssh! GG’s!”

A lot of people want to know if this effects the Galarian bird encounter rate, with one person asking, “Any Galarian bird spawns?” Thankfully, Grant and Alex responded, saying, “7 for Alex and 3 for Grant no catch’s though lol saving master balls for XXL XXS or potential hundo cp.”

This Adventure Effect hasn’t rolled out worldwide yet, but should do so when the Road to Sinnoh Global event arrives this weekend – but it’s clear that the community is about to have a lot of fun with these huge changes to Pokemon Go.

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