Pokemon Go: What Adventure Effects are & how to use them

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pokemon go origin forme dialga palkia adventure effectNIANTIC

Dialga and Palkia’s Origin Formes discovered in the Hisui region through Pokemon Legends: Arceus are being introduced into Pokemon Go alongside a brand-new mechanic called Adventure Effects. Here’s exactly what they are and how they work in Niantic’s mobile game.

The Origin Formes of Dialga and Palkia introduced in Pokemon Legends: Arceus are set to debut soon in Pokemon Go, and they are launching alongside a new mechanic.

On top of these special Hisuian versions of the classic Sinnoh Legendaries, Pokemon Go Tour: Sinnoh introduces something called Adventure Effects to the game. These allow players to obtain special bonuses by using powerful moves outside of battle.

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Niantic has indicated this is only the beginning of this new feature, so here’s everything we know so far about Adventure Effects and how to use them in the game.

What are Adventure Effects in Pokemon GO?

Niantic describes Adventure Effects as “temporary bonuses” to help Pokemon Go trainers. These involve Pokemon using powerful attacks outside of battle to bestow useful effects.

Upon their debut, Adventure Effects will be exclusive to Origin Forme Dialga as well as Origin Forme Palkia. However, the developers have teased that more will be added later on, saying, “Who knows what Adventure Effects may be discovered in the future…”

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How to use Adventure Effects in Pokemon Go

Players who have a Pokemon that is capable of triggering an Adventure Effect can activate it by going to the Pokemon’s page and scrolling down to the “Adventure Effects” section.

Adventure Effects cost Stardust and Candy to activate, with the amount increasing based on how long you’d like the Effect to last. You can extend the length after activating an Adventure Effect, with the max being 24 hours.

Note that you can only activate one Adventure Effect at a time.

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Origin Forme Dialga from a Pokemon Go trailerNiantic

Every Adventure Effect in Pokemon Go

So far, there are two adventure effects announced for Pokemon Go. These will be exclusive to Origin Forme Dialga and Origin Forme Palkia, as they are based on their signature moves.

Note that while Smeargle caught via Go Snapshot can typically learn any attack, it will not be able to learn these particular moves.

Roar of Time

Origin Forme Dialga’s signature move, Roar of Time, fittingly impacts timers in Pokemon Go. More specifically, it pauses the timer on Incense, Daily Adventure Incense, Lucky Eggs, and Star Pieces while active.

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Roar of Time lasts for a baseline of six minutes and costs 5,000 Stardust and 5 Dialga Candies. You can spend additional Stardust and Dialga Candy to extend that time in six-minute increments up to a total of 2 hours. After that, you can tap “Use again” to add more time (again up to two hours), with the max being 24 hours total.

Spacial Rend

Origin Forme Palkia from a Pokemon Go trailerNiantic

Origin Forme Palkia has access to Spacial Rend. When active, this distorts space and allows you to encounter wild Pokemon from an increased distance.

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Spacial Rend lasts for a baseline of 10 minutes and costs 5,000 Stardust and 5 Palkia Candies to activate. As with Roar of Time, you can spend more Stardust and Palkia Candy to extend the effect in 10-minute increments for up to two hours. After that, you can tap “Use again” to add more time (again up to two hours), with the max being 24 hours total.

That’s everything to know about Adventure Effects in Pokemon Go! Be sure to check out the rest of our coverage of the game, including the guides below:

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