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How does Goomy evolve? Rainy Lure Pokemon Go evolution guide

Published: 6/May/2021 13:11

by Lauren Bergin


As part of the Pokemon Go Luminous Legends X event, Niantic has added the Rainy Lure Module to the app. Here’s what it is, what it does and how to evolve Goomy with it. 

Pokemon Go’s Luminous Legends X event is well underway, with trainers coming together to celebrate some of the title’s most iconic fairy-type ‘Mons.

Players have a whole host of new content to dive into, including the Fairy-type Challenge and Kalos themed Research Breakthrough Tasks.

Another new feature that’s dropped in-game is the Rainy Lure Module, but they’re not the easiest things to understand. So, here’s everything you need to know about Rainy Lures, where to get them and what Pokemon it evolves.


Pokemon Go Lure Module
The Rainy Lure Module joins the title’s other three modules.

What is the Rainy Lure Module?

The Rainy Lure joins a whole family of other different themed lures that relate to specific types of Pokemon.

It allows trainers to increase the spawn rate of Bug, Electric and Water-type Pokemon within a short radius of the Pokestop you attach it to.

From here, you can stock up on candies to help evolve your Pokemon, as well as gain a whole lot of XP along the way!

Rainy Lure Pokemon Go evolution: Goomy

As aforementioned the best use of Rainy Lures is to farm candy and evolve the Pokemon types that it attracts.

Rainy Lures also help to evolve Goomy into Sliggoo and then Goodra. Considering this is the adorable little Dragon-type’s debut, it’s worth trying to snag as many of the elusive little ‘Mons as possible.


For a full guide on how to catch Goomy, alongside Spritzee and Swirlix, check out this dedicated article.

Goomy Pokemon
The Pokemon Company
Despite being the weakest Dragon-type, he’s adorable!

How to get the Rainy Lure Module

Getting a Rainy Lure isn’t exactly the easiest task in Pokemon Go, but here’s all of the different ways to do it:

  • Buy one from the Pokemon Go store for 200 PokeCoins.
  • You can earn one by completing the questline of the event.

That’s it for Rainy Lure Modules in Pokemon Go! If you’re enjoying the event, make sure to check out our dedicated Pokemon Go hub to make sure you stay up to date.