Pokemon Go choose a path: Which Charged-Up Research Day Electric-type is best?

Philip Trahan
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Pokemon Go’s Charged-Up Research Day Timed Research tasks players with choosing one of five Electric-types, but some trainers may be wondering which one is best. Let’s break down each option.

Pokemon Go’s Charged-Up Research Day event is all about Electric-type Pokemon from different Generations and regions.

This event comes with an exclusive Timed Research quest that players can take on to encounter even more Electric-type Pokemon, with the chance of being Shiny.

However, it will require trainers to choose between Chinchou, Electrike Blitzle, Joltik, and Helioptile, so you may be wondering which Pokemon is best. Let’s break down each choice, what it changes, and whether or not you should buy the Timed Research.

Which Charged-Up Research Day Electric-type Pokemon should you choose?

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For players who’ve already purchased the Charged-Up Research Day Timed Research quest, completing Step 1 will result in a choice. It’s worth noting that Step 1 will grant you an encounter with all five Pokemon regardless.

Trainers will have to pick one of five different Electric-types: Chinchou, Electrike Blitzle, Joltik, and Helioptile. Each of these Pokemon can be encountered as a Shiny.

Ultimately, the choice of which Electric-type to commit to is up to personal preference, as Step 2 will grant you 10 encounters with your chosen Pokemon. Step 2’s tasks will remain the same for each choice.

It is worth noting that trainers interested in PvP may find the best value in Chinchou, as Lanturn is a solid Pokemon for both the Great and Ultra Leagues.

Should you purchase the Pokemon Go Charged-Up Research Day Timed Research?

The choice to purchase the Timed Research depends on whether you’re interested in these Electric-types and want to Shiny hunt for them. This ticket will only grant you 1000 Stardust and 2500 XP alongside the multitude of Pokemon encounters.

This Timed Research quest is a paid quest exclusively part of the Charged-Up Research Day event. The ticket will cost $1 (or the local equivalent) and allow players to access exclusive tasks. Completing these will grant players more encounters with the featured Pokemon of their choice.

As with other Timed Research quests, players will have to complete the tasks and claim their rewards by Sunday, March 3, 2024, at 5 PM local time or they will disappear.

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