How to find Giratina and Griseous Orb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Giratina profile imageILCA / The Pokemon Company

In the Sinnoh remakes, players can catch the Pokemon Platinum Legendary and challenge it in a secret boss battle for its Griseous Orb. Here is how to find Giratina in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

Although the Sinnoh remakes are not based on the Platinum version of Gen IV, Studio ILCA has hidden a major easter egg to honor the 2008 expanded edition of Diamond & Pearl.

Trainers are not only able to find Giratina in a secret location hidden on the map, but they can also transform the Legendary Pokemon into its epic Origin Forme after unlocking the Griseous Orb in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl.

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Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Giratina Pokedex profile imageILCA / The Pokemon Company
The Platinum Legendary can be caught in BDSP in a secret location.

Where to find Giratina in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Although the extended Platinum ending isn’t in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, Studio ILCA has given Trainers a chance to catch Legendary Giratina.

Players will first be able to find the Creation Trio Ghost-type after beating the game. Here are what steps you need to take to find Giratina in BDSP:

  1. You must first beat the Elite Four and Cynthia to become the new Sinnoh Champion. After this, you need to then complete the Sinnoh Dex by seeing all 150 Pokemon.
  2. Travel to Sandgem Town where Professor Rowan will give you the National Pokedex.
  3. Now that you have the National Dex, head back down to Veilstone City and take the south exit to Route 214. Make your way down the path sticking to the right side until you hit the middle.
  4. You will see an opening with trees that form a secret pathway. Take it to enter the Spring Path. This will eventually lead you to an entrance that turns into a clearing against the side of a mountain.
  5. Use the Rock Climb HM to scale up the mountain. You now will be standing on top of a mountain that overlooks a lake. Head right on the rim and make your way to the north side.
  6. Use the Rock Climb once again to scale down. You should end up directly in front of a cave entrance.
  7. You have now found Giratina’s lair, Turnback Cave.

How to catch Giratina in BDSP

Now that you’ve found Turnback Cave, you will need to do some extra legwork before you can encounter the mysterious Legendary.

  1. After entering Turnback Cave, use the Defog HM to clear the air so that you can see.
  2. Trainers now need to find three pillars. In every room, walk through either the north, west, or east exits.
  3. Each time you enter a new section, look for a pillar in the center of the room and touch it. You will know if you found a new one as it will have a new sequence of numbers.
  4. After finding the final pillar, continue to take the north exit until you enter a room where Legendary Giratina can be seen sitting in the middle. Make sure to save your game.
  5. Walk up to the Ghost-type and interact with it to trigger a battle. You can now catch the ‘mon during this encounter.
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Giratina Turnback Cave spawn locationILCA / The Pokemon Company
Giratina can be found in Turnback Cave after solving a puzzle.

Where to find Griseous Orb

Studio ILCA has not only included the Platinum Legendary in the Sinnoh remakes but has also created a hidden method for players to obtain the Griseous Orb to transform Giratina into its Origin Forme.

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Players will only be able to unlock the key item after gaining access to the post-game Ramanas Park feature and after fighting Giratina a second time in a secret boss battle.

  1. After getting the National Pokedex, you need to catch Giratina in Turnback Cave. 
  2. Now travel to Sandgem Town. Walk south to the beach shore and use Surf HM to enter the water on Route 219. Continue to head east to pass through Route 220 and 221.
  3. You will eventually reach land. Take the path which will lead you to Ramanas Park. Enter the building and talk to the receptionist in the lobby to access the store.
  4. You should see the Distortion Slate on sale for either 1 Mystery Shard (L) or 3 Mystery Shards.
  5. To get the Mystery Shards, use your Explorer Kit to enter the Grand Underground. Look for golden sparkles on the radar and use your pickaxe to dig up the walls which have a random chance of dropping them.
  6. If you can’t find any, enter a Hideaway and then exit to reset the wall spawns and try again. The currency is pretty rare and may take some time to find.
  7. Go back to the Ramanas Park lobby and buy the Distortion Slate. Now head to the Distortion Room cave located north in the park and insert the key item into the room’s pedestal to trigger a secret boss battle with Giratina’s Origin Forme.
  8. You can NOT catch Giratina a second time here, so you need to beat the level 100 version of the Legendary instead. After knocking it out, you will be rewarded with the Griseous Orb.

Note: If the Distortion Slate doesn’t show up after catching Giratina, you may have to unlock the rest of the Slates first. For a breakdown of how to do so, check out our full guide here

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl secret Giratina Origne Forme boss battle.ILCA / The Pokemon Company
The Sinnoh remakes contain a secret boss battle with Giratina’s terrifying Origin Forme.

How to transform Giratina into Origin Forme

After obtaining the Griseous Orb from battling Giratina at Ramanas Park, you need to add the Legendary to one of your team slots.

  1. Add Giratina into your Party. Press the X button to pull up the menu and then select the Pokemon tab.
  2. Click Giratina and then go to ‘Held Item‘ and select Give Item. This will take you to the Other Items pocket.
  3. Find the Griseous Orb and click Give to a Pokemon. Then select the Legendary, which will now automatically transform into its Origin Forme.
  4. To reverse it back to its Altered Forme, simply repeat the steps above but removing the held item this time.
Pokemon BDSP Giratina Transforming into Orign FormeILCA / The Pokemon Company
Players can transform the Legendary into its Origin Forme with the Griseous Orb.

And that is everything you need to know about the Platinum Legendary! While some may be disappointed in the lack of the Distortion World, at least Studio ILCA has given fans the ability to transform Giratina into its Origin Forme.

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The secret second boss battle with the terrifying Ghost-type is also pretty epic and is a neat nod to the 2008 title. Trainers are now able to jump back and forth between its two Formes whenever they want.

Now that you have Giratina and its two Formes on your team, check out some of our other Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl guides and walkthroughs.

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