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Pokemon Go Darkrai counters, weaknesses & how to get Shiny Darkrai

Published: 21/Oct/2021 18:18 Updated: 22/Oct/2021 16:46

by Daniel Megarry


Pokemon Go’s Darkrai is returning to 5-Star Raids, and we’ve got the counters you need to take advantage of the Mythical Dark-type’s weaknesses, defeat it, and (hopefully) catch one.

As the second part of Niantic’s Halloween Mischief event arrives in Pokemon Go, the 5-Star Raid boss is being switched up once again. Following in the footsteps of Altered Forme Giratina is the Sinnoh region’s Mythical, Darkrai!

With a huge Attack stat, Darkrai is one of the strongest Dark-types in Pokemon Go. For the first time ever, Darkrai caught during this event will also come with the attack Sludge Bomb, which is a Poison-type Charged Move.


The good news is that the best Darkrai counters aren’t Legendaries or Mythicals, but more common Pokemon like Machamp and Togekiss. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about defeating Darkrai.


Darkrai counters in Pokemon Go

Counter Fast Move Charged Move
Conkeldurr Counter Dynamic Punch
Lucario Counter Aura Sphere
Machamp Counter Dynamic Punch
Togekiss Charm Dazzling Gleam
Zacian Quick Attack Play Rough
Mega Beedril Bug Bite X-Scissor
Heracross Counter Mega Horn
Breloom Counter Dynamic Punch
Hariyama Counter Dynamic Punch
Gardevoir Charm Dazzling Gleam

Darkrai weaknesses in Pokemon Go

As its name suggests, Darkrai is a pure Dark-type Pokemon, which means its three weaknesses are Fairy, Bug, and Fighting-types. Focus on your strongest Pokemon of these types with matching movesets.

It’s also important to know what strengths Darkrai has when selecting your team. It’s resistant to Dark, Ghost, and Psychic-type attacks, so it’s best to avoid using Pokemon of these types when heading into battle.


The Mythical Darkrai in Pokemon Go
The Mythical Darkrai is one of the strongest Dark-type attackers in Go.

Darkrai moveset in Pokemon Go

Darkrai has two potential Fast Moves and three potential Charged Moves it can use as a Raid Boss. These are mostly Dark-type attacks, but one Fighting-type attack can throw a spanner in the works.

Here are all of Darkrai’s potential moves in Pokemon Go:

  • Snarl (Dark)
  • Feint Attack (Dark)
  • Dark Pulse (Dark)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost)
  • Focus Blast (Fighting)

If Darkrai uses Dark Pulse as a Charged Move, you should focus on Fighting-type counters like Machamp and Hariyama, as they take reduced damage from Dark-type moves while Fairy-types take extra damage.

However, if Darkrai uses Focus Blast, it’s time to bring out your best Fairy-type counters like Togekiss and Gardevoir, as they’re resistant to Fighting-type moves.


How to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Go

The only way to catch Darkrai in Pokemon Go is to first defeat it in a 5-Star Raid Battle. You’ll then be given a limited amount of Premier Balls to attempt to catch it, but it’s not guaranteed you’ll secure one.

You can increase your chance of catching Darkrai by throwing Curve Balls and landing Excellent Throws.

Darkrai with the move Sludge Bomb will be appearing in 5-Star Raids from Friday, October 22, at 10AM until Friday, November 5, at 10AM local time.

Shiny Darkrai in a Pokemon Go battle
Shiny Darkrai has a purple tint.

Can Darkrai be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

The good news is that Shiny Darkrai is available in Pokemon Go. It has a cool purple color scheme, although your chances of encountering one are very slim considering how rare they are.


There’s no real method to increasing your odds, so you’ll need to take part in as many 5-Star Raid Battles as you can until you find a Shiny variation of Darkrai.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating Daarkrai in 5-Star Raids! For more tips to become the ultimate Trainer, check out the rest of our Pokemon Go guides below:

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