All maps & battle arenas in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite logo arenasThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite will have several maps to battle across when it launches on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. Here is a list of every arena available in the 5v5 MOBA.

When Unite makes its launch in July, players will be able to choose from a roster of 19 Pokemon. Broken into 5 role types, users will need pick their characters wisely if they want to get an edge over their opponents.

Interestingly, the team-based MOBA will debut with several maps that will require Trainers to use their ‘mon strategically as well. Here is a breakdown of each arena and how they are designed.

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Pokemon Unite Trailer showdown PikachuThe Pokemon Company / TiMi Studios
Pokemon Unite will launch July 2021 with several maps.

Every map in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite will release with a handful of maps at launch. According to TiMi Studios, each arena will differ greatly in design from the other – giving players a varied gameplay experience.

While the MOBA will eventually add more battle areas in future updates, at launch there are four locations: Remoat Stadium, Shivre City, Auroma Park, and Mer Stadium.

Remoat Island

Pokemon Unite Remoat Stadium mapTwitter: @PokemonUnite
The 5v5 map is the biggest arena in Unite.

The circular map is one of the biggest arenas in the game. According to developer TiMi, Remoat Stadium’s design gives players a ton of space to coordinate strategic attacks, and will result in some of the gamest “biggest brawls.”

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In the center of the map is the “Legendary Pit” where Gen I favorite Zapdos spawns. This will no doubt funnel players down the center of the map, as defeating the Electric Kanto bird will instantly score your team points and leave the opposing team’s goal defenseless.

The arena’s various paths and tall grass will be perfect for DPS characters such as Greninja and Pikachu to flank and take opponents by surprise. The map will also offer a secondary boss battle with Drednaw on the beach which will reward players with XP while giving all teammates shields.

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Shivre City

Pokemon Unite Shivre City MapTwitter: @PokemonUnite
The unique map only has one goal post per side.

Unlike other maps, the snowy Shivre City only has one goal location per side. This means teams will have to battle it out in close-quarters out just to drop off items for points.

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Things get even more intense with the “Speed Flux Zones” which temporarily boosts speed by a substantial amount. This means heavy Defenders such as Snorlax or giants such a Garchomp will become deadlier.

Not to mention the Speedster fighters such as Absol and Talonflame will be a serious challenge when racing to the goal locations.

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Auroma Park

Pokemon Unite Auroma Park MapTwitter: @PokemonUnite
Auroma’s 3v3 setups makes for quicker battles.

Auroma Park is geared towards quick battles. With a 3v3 setup, players will be able to utilize their favorite ‘mon to their fullest potential without worrying about bigger showdowns and flanking.

Interestingly the diamond-shaped arena has conveyer belt lanes, which will automatically boost your speed to each point of the map. Sinnoh Legendary Regigigas will appear randomly throughout the battle.

Those quick enough to reach its center location when it randomly spawns will score massive points. The arena has three goals for each player, making for an intimate battle.

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Mer Stadium

Pokemon Unite Mer Stadium MapTwitter: @PokemonUnite
Mer is a rework of Remoat for 4v4 battles.

A rework of Remoat Stadium, players shouldn’t expect too much from the final launch location. The 4v4 setup is meant for snappier battles on the scaled-down version of the map.

With only three goals per side, this means teams will have to use their extra character slot to put on the pressure on their opponents.

Mer is a good opportunity for support characters such as Mr. Mime and Wigglytuff. Defenders Snorlax, Slowbro, and Crustle will also be key in helping block the three goal stations.

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