All Legendary Pokemon and Boss battles in Pokemon Unite

Brent Koepp
Pokemon Unite Zapdos

While Pokemon Unite centers around 5v5 team battles, players can also take on Legendary Pokemon and Boss battles. Here is everything you need to know about the special encounters in the Nintendo Switch MOBA.

Pokemon Unite is finally making its long-awaited debut on the Nintendo Switch in July 2021. At launch, the MOBA will feature over 19 Pokemon for Trainers to play as.

Although the main goal of each match is to pummel your opponents, users can also take advantage of the Legendary Pokemon and Boss fights that spawn across the map.

Pokemon Unite Legendary Regigigas Map
Each map in Unite features a Legendary Pokemon or Boss.

How Legendary Pokemon & Boss battles work in Pokemon Unite

At launch, Pokemon Unite will feature over five maps for players to battle in. While each arena has its own unique design and gimmicks, all locations will have Legendary Pokemon or Boss battles.

These Legendary ‘mon always spawn in the center of the map. Players who manage to take down the rare monsters first will either score points for their team or get a major advantage on the map.

Bosses and special encounters are regular wild Pokemon that spawn in different locations. Defeating these mini skirmishes will net you and your teammate’s stat bonuses. Unite takes inspiration from MOBAs after all, so defeating map NPC encounters is just as important as defeating your opponents.

All Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

Name Pokemon Map Bonus / Reward
Zapdos Normal Sprite Remoat Stadium

(Legendary Pit)

Extra Points for your team / the opponent’s goal Zones become defenseless for a limited time.
Regigigas Normal Sprite Auroma Park

(Legendary Pit)

Earn a huge number of points for your team.
Zeraora Zeraora Pokémon Unite Image Playable character

(Need Zeraora License)

Speedster Class

(Melee/ Expert)

All Boss battles in Pokemon Unite

Name Pokemon Map Bonus / Reward
Drednaw Normal Sprite Remoat Stadium

(Beach Area)

Earn extra Exp points and shields for your team. 
Rotom Normal Sprite Remoat Stadium


Will join you to aid your team.
Avalugg Normal Sprite Shivre City

(Central Area)

Places a barrier on your teams Goal Zone.
Abra Normal Sprite Auroma Park

(Central Area)

Earn extra points for your team.

Playable Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Unite

In a surprise announcement, TiMi Studio revealed that Legendary Pokemon will also be playable as fighters in Pokemon Unite. The first Mythical to join the fight is Alolan’s Zeraora as a Speedster class attacker.

The beloved Sun & Moon character’s inclusion in the launch roster means that other Legendaries will potentially be added in the future. Below is a list of every Legendary playable in Pokemon Unite so far:

Name Pokemon Role Attack
Zeraora Zeraora Pokémon Unite Image Speedster Melee

It’s unclear at the time of writing if more Legendaries will be available at launch, but TiMi Studios has hinted that the special map encounters with wild Pokemon will rotate different characters.

Those looking to win when UNITE launched in July 2021 will need to also take on the Legendaries and special encounters scattered around the arena if they want to get an edge on their opponents.

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