Where to find and catch Foxparks in Palworld

Kurt Perry
The Pal Foxparks as seen in Palworld.

Foxparks is a great early-game Pal that gives your team better type coverage as well as the Kindling work suitability for your base. Here’s where to find and catch Foxparks in Palworld.

Fire-type Pals are fairly rare in Palworld’s early game. Later on, players can obtain powerhouses like Jormuntide Ignis and Ragnahawk but that isn’t an option at the start.

Given how important Kindling is for processing Ore and obtaining powerful gear and upgrades, catching a good Fire-type is a must. Thankfully, early-game players do have one solid choice that can be caught almost immediately, Foxparks.

Here’s everything you need to know about where to find Foxparks in Palworld.

Where to find Foxparks in Palworld

Foxparks can be found across a variety of locations in the Palpagos Islands including a vertical stretch near the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate, Marsh Island, Verdant Brook, and Ice Wind Island.

Most Palworld players will naturally encounter Foxparks early on shortly after moving northwest from the Plateau of Beginnings. The Fire type Pal is a common spawn that appears both during daytime and nighttime. However, it does not have an Alpha Boss encounter like many other Pals.

Map of Foxparks' location in Palworld where trainers can catch one.
Foxparks’ location in Palworld.

How to catch Foxparks in Palworld

With it being an early game Pal, Foxparks is not especially difficult to catch. Even on higher difficulties, most players should have an easy enough time weakening it and catching Foxparks using only Pal Spheres as it has a forgiving catch rate.

If you are having a difficult time though consider using a Water-type Pal to weaken Foxparks faster. Some good early-game options for this are Fuack, Pengullet, and Teafant.

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