Where to find and catch Vixy in Palworld

Kurt Perry
Vixy Pal from Palwrodl.

As one of the most useful Neutral-type Pals in the game, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to catch this cute-looking fox. If you want one too whether to add it to your base or team, here’s Vixy’s exact location in Palworld.

Palworld has proven a massive success becoming the most-played game on Steam. With so many players getting involved, meta strategies are being discovered quickly, including the best starter Pals to begin your journey.

One of the most prevalent strategies for the early game involves Vixy. The fox-like Pal can be placed in a Ranch to passively produce Gold Coins, Arrows, and even Pal Spheres.

Placing a few Vixy in a Ranch will set you up with infinite Pal Spheres saving valuable materials like Paldium Fragments to be used elsewhere.

However, to get this setup going you’ll first need to catch one, so we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

How to find Vixy in Palworld

Vixy can be found in a vertical stretch west of the Tower of Rayne Syndicate, as indicated on the map below. This area can be found northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings, the starting region where most players will begin their journey.

The time of day does not matter, as Vixy appears in this designated area during both daytime and nighttime. It is a common spawn so finding Vixy shouldn’t be too difficult.

Vixy's location and where to find the Pal in Palworld.
Vixy’s spawn location in Palworld.

How to catch Vixy: battle tips

Although Vixy isn’t too difficult to catch in Palworld, its catch rate is a little lower than other comparably leveled wild Pals. If you are using Pal Spheres, expect to take a few attempts to catch it.

Something else to be aware of is that Vixy is a fragile Pal that can be knocked out easily. When catching Vixy you’ll want to be careful not to deal too much damage and even consider bringing along a lower-level Pal to safely chip away at its health.

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