Where to find and catch Fuack in Palworld

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Fuack in Palworld.

If you’re looking for a Pal that can do a decent amount of work, Fuack is for you. Here’s where to find and catch Fuack in Palworld.

A lot of the Pals in Palworld seem to be willing to help you once they’re on your side, but Fuack is just something different. This angry-looking little duck-like creature will look pissed off no matter how spoiled it is, except when being petted.

However, Fuack is a pretty useful Pal to have in this game outside of its seemingly mean demeanor. Being a Water-type, it has the ability to slam into the enemy after surfing toward them and can fire ice missiles outside of its Partner Skill. 

It’s also great at handiwork, transporting, and watering, making it quite a well-rounded worker. This guide will walk you through where to find and catch Fuack in Palworld.

How to find Fuack in Palworld

A screenshot featuring Fuack location in Palworld.

You can usually find Fuack roaming the area south of the Small Settlement on the island. There’s also a chance that you’ll spot a few in Windswept Hills. Either way, this Water-type Pal seems to spawn in pairs, and it’s rare to see one waddling alone.

Make sure to bring an extra Pal Sphere if you’d like to catch more than one. Meanwhile, if you’re having trouble looking for one, there’s a glitch that lets you soar in the sky, which can help you scout your surroundings.

How to catch Fuack in Palworld

As a Water-type, Fuack is weak to Electric-type Pals, like Jolthog and Sparkit. That said, since this is a low-level Pal, generally, any type should do the job as long as you leave some health behind.

Once it’s low enough, you can catch it by aiming and throwing your Pal Sphere at it. After a while, Fuack should be yours, and you’re free to assign it to work at your base or aid you in battles.

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