Where to find and catch Wixen in Palworld

James Lynch

Wixen is one half of a memorably designed pair of Pals, alongside Katress.  As a Fire element Pal, it has enormous damage potential and significant scope for damage over time. Read on for everything you need to know to secure one in Palworld.

As with other games of its ilk, there are a lot of Pals to collect in the current version of the game, with more on the way at an unconfirmed later date. Though not all of these Pals are created equal in terms of ability, it’s well worth getting at least one of each.

Wixen’s Partner Skill is pretty spectacular, adding Fire damage to any attack performed by the player. With additional work suitability, including Kindling, Handiwork, and Transporting, it’s a remarkably well-rounded Pal choice.

Here’s all the information needed to add Wixen to your burgeoning collection.

How to find Wixen in Palworld

Wixen will spawn throughout the day and night, making it one of the more convenient Pals to track down.

  • Throughout the Northeastern side of Mount Obsidian
  • East of the Frostbound Mountains on the Blasted Strip
Wixen location map for Palworld

How to catch Wixen: Battle tips

As a Fire-type Pal, it’s a good idea to bring a Water hard counter to back you up. Pengullet, Fuack, and Teafant are all great early-game options that carry their damage through well into the middle levels, and any of them should be more than enough alongside decent player DPS.

This Pal should be a feasible catch with a level in the late 10s with a reliable buddy by your side. It’s also a solid choice for the Tower Battle against Lily and Lyleen at Level 35.

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