Where to find and catch Pengullet in Palworld

Ishan Vashishth
Pengullet palworld

Players aiming to enhance their arsenal will find this guide indispensable for locating and capturing Pengullet in Palworld. Distinguished by its Water Ice Elemental Type and the remarkable “Pengullet Cannon” Partner Skill, Pengullet offers both combat utility and a touch of whimsy to your Palworld adventure.

Pengullet’s presence across diverse locations like the Sea Breeze Archipelago and Cold Shore makes it an enticing target. Equipped with a range of active skills and specific elemental weaknesses, the pursuit of Pengullet is a blend of adventure and strategy. 

The endeavor to add Pengullet to your collection is not just a quest—it’s an exploration of Palworld’s varied landscapes. With key coordinates and strategic insights, we’ll assist you in navigating the world to find and successfully capture Pengullet in the game.

Pengullet's location in Palworld.The shaded area shows Pengullet’s location in Palworld.

Pengullet’s Locations and Capture Strategies in Palworld

Pengullet can be found in areas such as Natural Bridge, Grassy Behemoth Hills, and Castaway Beach, with the best coordinates being (201, -468) and (169, -460). The diversity of these locations means that players will have ample opportunity to encounter and engage Pengullet.

Given Pengullet’s Water Ice Elemental Type, using Electric or Fire type Pals will be advantageous in battles. This strategic choice can significantly aid in weakening and capturing Pengullet. Prepare for a unique combat experience, as Pengullet’s ability to turn into rocket ammunition adds an unexpected twist to the battle.

Upon capture, Pengullet’s various skills, including “Ice Missile” and “Hydro Jet,” make it a versatile Pal in combat scenarios. Additionally, its suitability for tasks like Handiwork and Watering and the ability to drop items such as Ice Organ and Pal Fluids enhances its utility.

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