Where to find and catch Robinqull Terra in Palworld

Eliana Bollati
Palworld Robinquill Terra

Robinquill Terra is an A tier Grass/Ground fusion Pal with strong base stats and a powerful Partner Skill that makes it a great addition to the party. Plus with so much Work Suitability, they’re a fantastic base worker too. Here’s what to know to find and catch Robinquill Terra.

Palworld’s addictive combination of monster-catching, base-crafting, and survival mechanics has earnt it millions of fans across the world. Players are having a ball, exploring the Palpagos Islands and completing their Paldecks with each new capture.

There are over 100 Pals, with nine different element types for players to capture. And there are special Fusion Pals too. Robinquill Terra is a powerful fusion Grass & Ground Element type Pal who makes a perfect addition to any Paldeck. It has excellent combat capabilities, great base stats, and a massive six different Work Suitability.

For those lucky enough to come across one, Robinquill Terra can be hatched from a Large Verdant Egg. But for those wanting to add this Pal to their deck without waiting for the incubator, here’s where to find Robinquill Terra and how to catch it.

Palworld map with the location of Robinquill Terra marked by pins

How to find Robinquill Terra

Robinquill Terra can be found on the rocky island to the far north of the game’s starting areas. The nearest Fast Travel point to Robinquill Terra’s location is Duneshelter, but players can also travel to the Sand Dunes entrance and explore upwards from there.

For those who haven’t reached the far islands of Palpagos yet, head past the Frostbound Mountain on the starting island to cross the channel to the north Island, and grab any Fast Travel points along the way to make the return journey easier.

How to catch Robinquill Terra

As a Grass/Ground Fusion type Pal, Robinquill Terra is a tough fight. Players should be ready with a Fire or Grass element type Pal to take advantage of the type weaknesses. A Bristla or a Foxsparks of high enough level should do the trick. Be sure to bring along some ultra spheres or mega spheres to make the catch easier.