Best ways to level up fast in Palworld: Catching Pals, clearing Dungeons & more

Brad Norton
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There are plenty of ways you can gain XP in Palworld, but here’s a rundown of how to level up as fast as possible, including catching Pals, clearing Dungeons, and more.

Palworld has just exploded from a relatively unknown project to a smash-hit gaming triumph. With millions of players buying in early, it’s become an all-time great on Steam already.

For some players, they might be familiar with the survival game tropes, while others may be experiencing them for the first time. Regardless, everyone shares one common trait in that all characters start at level 1, and while you’ll be gaining XP constantly as you play, some things will help you level up faster in Palworld.

So if you’re looking to climb the ranks and level up as fast as possible in the game, we’ve got you covered with some of the most effective methods below.

Palworld Pal fighting
Leveling up fast in Palworld gives you access to all-new powerful abilities.

Palworld: The best ways to level up fast

Catch Pals of the same type

The first and most important step to leveling up quickly in Palworld is to catch multiples of every Pal. Upon starting a new character, you’re awarded a bonus for catching 10 of each type of Pal.

Even just sticking in the starting area, you’ll find plenty of unique Pals out in the wild. By grabbing 10 of each, you’ll be well on your way to the Palworld level cap in no time at all.

While each individual catch comes with its own experience reward, it’s the bonus upon collecting 10 of a certain type that really pushes you forward. So try to focus your efforts on one type at a time before moving on to the next.

Capture Bonus in Palworld
Capture Bonuses are arguably the fastest way to gain EXP in Palworld.

Complete Dungeons for more EXP

Once you’ve played for a while and have your bearings, the next best method to level up fast is clearing Dungeons. These can be found scattered throughout the map, and at varying levels too.

Some Dungeons may simply be out of reach at your current level, but the greater the challenge, the greater the experience reward. Aiming at least a few levels above your character can help provide a significant boost if you’re successful. 

Change the World Settings

Last but not least comes a cheeky method that involves changing your World Settings. While we don’t recommend this option for everyone (especially those who enjoy the grind), this method is a fallback that can help expedite the process if needed.

Navigate through to the World Settings menu. From here you’re able to change difficulty, daytime speed, and plenty more. However, among the options is a slider for EXP Rate. 

Palworld settings
Changing the World Settings can give you an automatic 1.3x EXP boost across the board in Palworld.

By turning the EXP Rate slider all the way to its max option, you’ll be able to boost all experience gains by 1.3x its usual rate. As a result, you’ll obviously be leveling up much faster than usual no matter what you’re doing in-game.

Defeat Syndicate members

One of the factions in Palworld, Syndicate members can be found roaming the world, attacking wild Pals. They can also be found near their home base, the Rayne Syndicate Tower, home of their leader Zoe and the first major boss battle.

Syndicate members come in two types – Elites and Thugs – with Elites being more difficult to defeat. However, confronting Syndicate members and defeating them (or capturing them) can yield a hefty experience bonus.

Defeat boss-level Pals and capture them

Defeating boss-level Pals can net you a ton of EXP. However, it is highly recommended that you only take on high-level Pals when you think you are ready. 

All you have to do to capture bosses is lower their health, stealthily get behind them and throw the Pal sphere. This will help you get a Capture Bonus and increase your chances of capturing bosses.

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