How to get & farm Ore in Palworld

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Gathering Ore is essential in Palworld for the creation of Ingots which are vital for crafting powerful weaponry. This guide will show you how to efficiently farm Ore in the game.

The release of Palworld has drawn attention globally, quickly becoming notorious as ‘Pokemon with guns.’ The game has set new records on Steam and fueled ethical debates online.

If you’re one of the many players hooked on Palworld, you know some resources are easier to find than others, and accordingly so, they are more valuable.

Even though Ore can be found in the game from the start, it’s not easy to gather and it’s not really useful as it is. Only when you reach level 10 and unlock the Primitive Furnace does Ore take on some value. Here’s all you need to know about Ore and the best ways to farm it in Palworld.

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What is Ore used for in Palworld?

Ore’s main use in Palworld is for crafting Ingots. These are a key ingredient in the crafting of some of the best weapons like the Metal Pickaxe, Metal Axe, Crossbow, and the very useful and more powerful Mega Spheres, which allow the player to catch better Pals.

To craft these Ingots, you’ll need to reach Technology Level 10 and unlock the schematic for a Primitive Furnace. With one of these in your base and a Pal with the Kindling Work Suitability – like Rooby or Foxparks – you can use 2 Ore to create a single Ingot in the game.

Where can you get Ore in Palworld

Ore deposits can be found everywhere around Palworld. They are big giant piles of rock with a little shine, and you can differentiate them from Stone deposits thanks to their copper coloring.

However, there are a few spots on the map where you can find more than one Ore deposit, as they are Ore mining areas. One is located near the Fort Ruind Waypoint, another is behind the Desolate Church Waypoint, and a third can be seen west of the Small Settlement.

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Once you find and completely farm an Ore deposit with your Pickaxe, it’ll disappear, but fear not, as it’ll respawn eventually, and you can do it all over again.

Best way to farm Ore in Palworld

Ore can be found around the map since the beginning of the game, but to get it, you’ll first need a Pickaxe to hit the boulder to extract the material. It’s worth noting that you’ll get more Ores per hit if you improve your weapon to a Metal Pickaxe, so you’ll end up with around 40 ores per deposit.

However, the best way to farm it constantly and without so much effort is to move your whole base to an Ore mining area. You can pick any of the areas mentioned above and put your base there.

Then, capture a Pal with the Mining work ability (like Dumud or Tombat) so that the monster will be in charge of collecting it for you.

Don’t forget to add a crate to your base so a Pal with the Transporting work ability can store all your Ore in one place.

That’s all you need to know about how to farm Ore in Palworld. For more game content, check out our useful guides below:

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