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Ethan Dean
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Palworld is a game with endless potential, and that potential can be taken so much further with the addition of mods. Here is how to install mods on Palworld for PC.

Palworld has exploded in popularity since its release earlier in January, with the term ‘Pokemon with guns’ being thrown around since its initial reveal.

Of course, the game is a little more than that. Palworld is an intriguing blend of the building and survival mechanics of the Ark franchise, the varied creature collection of Pokemon, and the open-world traversal of more recent Zelda titles.

All of which sound like a modder’s paradise. So, how does the PC version of Palworld support mods, and how do you install them? This guide will show you how to do that.

A screenshot from Palworld which is described as Pokemon with guns
Let’s be real, it already looks like it was modded.

Where to find Palworld mods

You can find Palworld mods on Nexus Mods by going to the game’s official community page. The types of mods you’ll find here are various, from useful quality-of-life features to fun alternative cosmetic changes.

This does come with one stipulation, however. While the “Pokemon with guns” aspect might bring in a very obvious modding opportunity, Nexus Mods won’t host any mods that use Pokemon assets due to legal reasons.

How to install mods in Palworld

While Palworld’s developers Pocketpair have yet to introduce official modding tools to the survival game, you already can install mods with a little technical know-how. We recommend that you make a backup of your game files before messing around.

Palworld mods will each have their own instructions to getting them up and running in your game. Most of them, however, will ask you to go to your game’s installation path (Steam\steamapps\common\Palworld\Pal\Binaries\Win64\Mods) and change the Mods.txt file located in there. This will allow the mod to run in-game.

It’s also best to pay close attention to the installation instructions for each mod as you install them, as some come with additional instructions.

Palworld monsters battling
Now for the real question. Which one do we turn into Thomas the Tank Engine?

When will official modding tools come to Palworld?

Developer Pocketpair has confirmed that Palworld will receive official mod support at some point in the future. They made the announcement on the game’s Steam page but when this will happen has not yet been revealed, so it could be a while off.

It’s worth noting the game is still in Early Access, so it could be a while before the complete version with modding tools is available for players.

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