How to make a Composter in Minecraft – Recipe guide

minecraft composter guideMojang

Using all of the blocks available within Minecraft is one of the ways you’ll be able to expand your village to new heights. A Composter is a great way for you to produce some quality materials within the game.

Minecraft has stayed atop the gaming world since its release over a decade ago, and players are able to create some amazing creations within the game that still marvel us.

One of the incredible aspects about Minecraft is the sheer amount of blocks within the game, there’s seemingly something for every task you’ll need to complete, and the Composter servers a unique purpose within the game.

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Here we’ll run over how you’ll be able to craft one, along with the purpose they serve within Minecraft.

Savanna, Taiga, Jungle biomes in MinecraftMojang / FoxyShards
Biomes within Minecraft all offer unique materials to gather.

How to craft a Composter in Minecraft

Composters are useful for creating Bone Meal within Minecraft, as they will turn food and other plant material into this product. Bone Meal is useable for crafting certain types of dyes, as well, you can place it on crops to expedite the growing process.

Creating one is relatively easy, as you’ll only need seven wood slabs to do it. If you don’t know how to craft a wood slab, you’re going to place three wooden blocks horizontally across the crafting table, and it’ll output these for you.

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composter guideMojang
Players often neglect this block, but it’s useful for all villages.

The Composter is also one of the blocks that’s used for the Villager Job Sites, so you’ll see this from time to time in certain villagers. But, the Composter is definitely a block that doesn’t get as much love as it should within Minecraft.

Creating Bone Meal is a great way to increase the number of crops you grow, as using Bone Meal on these will help speed up the process greatly. While this is really the only purpose of the Composter, there’s no harm in making one for your village within Minecraft.