Madden 24 MUT Season 6: Demarcus Lawrence, Drew Brees, more

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Here’s a look at everything that dropped in Season 6 of Madden 24 MUT, including a 99 OVR Demarcus Lawrence.

On April 17, EA Sports launched Season 6 of Madden 24 and Madden Ultimate Team.

The new season comes with some marquee rewards, including upgradeable cards for Bobby Wagner, Harrison Smith, Drew Brees, and Season 6 featured star Demarcus Lawrence.

So, here’s a look at everything that can be obtained throughout the season.


Season 6 Field Pass Rewards

These are the rewards in Season 6 of Madden 24 Field Pass.

2Gold Player Pack12,000
310,000 Coins24,000
4S6 Set Token36,000
5Rare Option Pack48,000
6S9 97 OVR BND Player Token60,000
7Random Strategy Item74,000
810,000 Coins88,000
9S6 Rare Option Pack102,000
10Demarcus Lawrence Upgrade Token116,000
11S6 Uniform Fantasy Pack136,000
12Rare Option Pack156,500
1310,000 Coins177,500
14S6 Set Token198,500
1515,000 Coins220,000
16S6 97 OVR BND Player Token241,500
17Random Strategy Item263,000
18Rare Option Pack286,000
1915,000 Coins309,000
20Demarcus Lawrence Upgrade Token332,000
21S6 Uniform Fantasy Pack355,000
22Rare Option Pack378,000
2315,000 Coins401,000
24S6 Set Token424,000
2515,000 Coins447,000
26S6 99 OVR Player Upgrade471,000
27Random Strategy Pack499,000
28Epic Option Pack527,000
2915,000 Coins555,000
30Demarcus Lawrence Upgrade Token583,000
31S6 97 OVR BND Player Token611,000
32Epic Option Pack639,000
3320,000 Coins667,000
34S6 Set Token695,000
3520,000 Coins727,000
36S6 99 OVR Player Upgrade767,000
37Epic Option Pack808,000
3825,000 Coins850,000
39Legendary Option Pack892,000
40Demarcus Lawrence Upgrade Token934,000
41S6 97 OVR BND Player Token976,000
42Legendary Option Pack1,018,000
4330,000 Coins1,062,000
44Legendary Option Pack1,109,000
45Demarcus Lawrence Upgrade Token1,156,000
46S6 99 OVR Player Upgrade1,208,000
47Season 7 XP Collectible (20,000 XP)1,260,000
49S6 Legendary Strategy Item Fantasy Pack1,379,000
50Legendary Option Pack1,446,000

Players can acquire 97 OVR versions of Drew Brees, Bobby Wagner, Lane Johnson, and Harrison Smith in this reward path. Those cards can be upgraded to 99 OVR via Fantasy Packs.

How to make progress in Season 6 Field Pass

Madden 24 players can make progress in Season 6 of Field Pass simply by playing online or through single-player challenges.

Those who acquired a Season 6 XP Collectible in Season 5 can use it for the XP Exchange Set.

Additionally, EA will add several Daily and Weekly objectives that can be completed for XP.

Madden 24 99 OVR Lawrence stats

How to upgrade Demarcus Lawrence and Season 6 Field Pass players

At the start of Season 5, players will receive a starter pack that includes an 92 OVR Demarcus Lawrence.

However, this Lawrence can be upgraded to 99 OVR. Additionally, several other Season 6 cards can also be upgraded through Tokens obtained in the reward path.

Upon unlocking a token, go to the card’s profile. Find the ‘Upgrades’ tab, then plug the token along with the required Training under the ‘Total Cost’ section of the card.

Season 6 of MUT Field Pass will expire on June 12, 2024.

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