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Lost Ark Taxi: How to complete ‘Ride Like the Wind’ Una’s Task

Published: 4/Apr/2022 11:16

by Lauren Bergin


Una’s Tasks are daily quests that challenge Lost Ark players to complete vast array of different objectives, with ‘Ride Like the Wind’ requesting that you to become a marine taxi. Here’s everything you need to know about this perplexing series of events.

One of the quickest ways to snag yourself swathes of XP and some awesome rewards is by completing Lost Ark‘s daily Una’s Tasks.

Netting you everything from Island Tokens to Pirate Coins, these seemingly small errands can line your pockets with some of the game‘s best gear (or the currency to buy it).


That being said, there’s one quest that has players absolutely baffled; Ride Like the Wind. Hired as a marine ferry skipper, the idea of being a ‘taxi’ has left many scratching their heads. So, here’s a rundown of how to become a marine taxi in Lost Ark and, in turn, complete Ride Like the Wind.


lost ark ship sails towards mountains
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As you hone your sailing skills, you’ll be able to complete some Una’s Tasks every day.

Lost Ark: Ride Like the Wind Una’s Task

In order to complete Ride Like the Wind, you are asked to transform your grandiose ship into a lowly taxi to ferry passengers to a series of different locations.

To start the quest and, in turn, complete it:

  1. Head to the Peyto Docks; the quest then auto-updates and assigns you the three locations you need to visit
  2. From here, sail to Tortoyk Seaswept Woods, Revelry Row, and Turtle Island
    • In terms of efficiency we recommend going to Turtle Island first, then Revelry Row, then Tortoyk
  3. Disembark your boat
  4. Head onto the Island and into the orange circle
  5. You customer will be dropped off, and in turn be very thankful for your service!
lost ark una's task ride like the wind marine taxi dropoff locations
Thankfully you won’t have to traverse the seven seas to find each location!

What is the marine taxi in Lost Ark?

In short, the marine taxi is your own boat. It seems a little confusing as the quest simply reads “give a ride to a customer on the marine taxi,” implying that the taxi is a transport item you need to find; but this isn’t the case.


Upon accepting the quest, simply set sail to the three different locations as discussed above in order to obtain your rewards.

lost ark ride like the wind taxi location on turtle island
YouTube: Tuglow
An orange circle will appear on each island location, marking where you’ll need to drop off your client.

Ride Like the Wind taxi quest: Rewards

Depending on your level, you’ll receive a different amount of each reward for completing Race Like the Wind, but the basic rewards are as follows:

  • 1080 Roster XP
  • 10 Reputation Points
  • Harmony Leapstone (Level 0 – 802 reward)
  • Life Leapstone (Level 802 – 1301 reward)
  • Honor Leapstone (Level 1302 – 1369 reward)
  • Great Honor Leapstone (Level 1370+ reward)
  • Small Combat XP Potion (amount varies per level)

In terms of Reputation Level, completing this quest at Reputation 3 gives you the blueprint for Eurus; one of the fastest ships in the game.

So that’s how to set up your own taxi in Lost Ark and ferry passengers from Peyto to complete the Ride Like the Wind Una’s Task.

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