Lost Ark Festival Overture song: What it does & where to find it

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Lost Ark has added the mysterious Festival Overture song to its ever-expanding soundtrack, but just what is this new tune and, more importantly, does it have a location?

While Pirate Coins and Mokoko Seeds are some of Lost Ark‘s most coveted collectibles, sometimes you just need a good ol’ tune to brighten your day.

Whether you’re setting sail in search of the Requiem of Twilight, or are looking to expand your list of serenades to build up some Rapport, music is an integral part of your Arkesian adventure.

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Players have uncovered yet another little ballad in the form of the Festival Overture, a song whose purpose remains steeped in mystery. Here’s everything we know about Lost Ark’s Festival Overture, and what it may be used for.


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Sons allow you to channel your inner Bard, but just what is the Festival Overture?

What is the Festival Overture in Lost Ark?

Described as “a song that marks the beginning of the holy festival,” the tune’s “cheerful bells and chimes brings joy to people’s hearts.”

Noted as being “limited to one use in certain areas,” it implies that you will be able to use it once to usher in a new festival-inspired event.

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Lost Ark Festival Overture song: Possible uses & locations

Not unlike the Key Swallowed by Mimic, it appears that the Festival Overture has no real purpose in Lost Ark at the moment. When you check its description on the song list, it will read “No one knows how to find this sheet music”  – and that’s exactly right; it doesn’t have a location as of yet.

This implies that it will unlock during an event; possibly a recurring one given that it has its own place on the song list. As we progress through Smilegate’s roadmap, it’ll be interesting to see what eventually comes of this long lost lyrical masterpiece.

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So that’s everything we know about the Festival Overture song in Lost Ark. As more information becomes available (or, alternatively, the song does), we’ll be sure to keep this page up to date.

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