How to get Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes fast in Honkai Star Rail

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honkai star rail how to get stellar jade star rail passes

While players can pay for Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes to unlock more characters and light cones, there are many ways to find these premium currencies in-game. Here are the best ways to get your hands on Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes fast without breaking the bank.

Games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail are known for having a wealth of content and characters to choose from. However, getting your hands on some of the best items and characters will require rolling the dice and taking a chance on various banners that rotate in and out of the in-game shop.

While there are several characters that the game throws at the player for free, many of the best characters are locked behind the luck of the draw. Fortunately, there are a large variety of ways to earn more chances via in-game rewards.

If you’re willing to spend some time grinding, there are a ton of great ways to get your hands on both Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes without spending a dime. And, if you do choose to spend some money on the game, there are ways to stretch your dollar if you know the right things to buy. Here are some of the best and fastest methods of getting your hands on new characters and light cones.


How to buy Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes

The most straightforward way of getting your hands on Honkai Star Rail’s premium currencies is to buy them. The in-game store allows players to buy Oneric Shards, a currency that can be exchanged for Stellar Jade and other goodies in the shop.

However, even the shop has free alternatives when it comes to getting your hands on some Star Rail Passes.

Undying Starlight and Undying Embers can both be exchanged in the shop for Star Rail Passes and new characters, and both currencies are earned as a result of putting Star Rail Passes toward Warp banners. After you’ve got some rolls under your best, give both stores a look and see if there isn’t anything you can purchase.

Also, if you’re planning on playing the game long-term and think you’ll be able to log in every day, nab the Express Supply Pass. It’ll give you 300 Oneric Shards upfront and 90 more every day you log in for the next month, allowing those willing to wait to get some real bang-for-your-buck value.

How to earn Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes

Honkai Star Rail has many ways to earn more chances at getting your hands on the five-star you’ve been eyeing on the current banner, and many of them aren’t exactly obvious. While doing things like progressing in the main story and getting your Trailblazer rank up are put right in front of the player, you can also go out of your way to search for rewards hidden in the environment.

If you’re already progressing through the story anyways, a few quick detours and extra battles can be incredibly rewarding and help in the pursuit of getting enough Stellar Jade to get a few rolls in.


Other than the main quest, side missions are a great way to earn both Stellar Jade and Trailblazer EXP fast. Missions will pop up as you travel the universe, and you should take them as they come. Even if you can’t immediately complete a mission, you may want to loop back to it later.

Missions range from interacting with NPCs and solving puzzles to taking down a big bad, but most of them don’t take too much time and can be completed with relative ease, assuming that your party is a high enough level for that area.

Additionally, players will earn large quantities of Stellar Jade as they hit Trailblazer-level milestones. And doing side quests only helps you get to these milestones faster.

However, there’s an extra layer to these missions that’ll allow you to get your hands on, even more, Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes.

Completing missions on a world will give players a currency unique to that world that can be spent at the World Shop in order to get additional gear, upgrade materials, recipes, and Star Rail Passes. World Shops are marked by special shopping bags on your map and tend to be located in hub areas.

Additionally, spending certain amounts of currency in these shops will grant tiered rewards, many of which include Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jade.

So, while questing is important, it’s just as important to take advantage of the currency gained from taking and completing quests in each world to put toward World Shops. And, as more worlds are released, it’s safe to assume more shops will be added.


Treasure is located in most areas of the game, with parts of each world that have hidden treasure, specifically noting how many treasures players need to find for full completion. Keeping an eye out for these as you’re completing missions will get you Stellar Jade fast.

While Honkai Star Rail doesn’t have as many areas to explore as Genshin Impact, there’s a great deal of treasure to find lying around and a more reliable way to track whether or not you’ve found all the secrets there are to find in any given area.

You’ll also notice that Warp Trotters are tracked under this treasure counter, and for a good reason: Taking them down in a fight gives much larger rewards than a standard chest.

However, killing Warp Trotters can be tricky. Unlike most other enemies in the game, they’re entirely built to run away from you rather than fight. If they get away, you’ll have to hope you run into one again while exploring the area.

When they get scared in fights, they’re immune to being broken by any elemental effects and have to be killed before they escape. Taking them down isn’t too hard if you’re at the right level for the area you’re in, but it isn’t exactly a cakewalk either.

Meanwhile, some chests are guarded by strong enemies way above your level. These are intended to be left alone and explored later and are marked by crossed swords on your map. These enemies tend to guard large chests that include Stellar Jade alongside, at times, high-rarity equipment.

Daily Missions

Getting those dailies done is a tried and true method of nabbing some Stellar Jade and is fairly similar to how Primogems are distributed in Genshin Impact. For casual players looking to log 15-30 minutes at a time when playing, doing your daily quests will give you a steady feed of Stellar Jade each day.

There are two different kinds of daily missions: Battle Pass dailies and daily training that contains a daily mission.

First up, the Battle Pass missions. While you’ll get much more substantial rewards if you pay the asking price for the upgraded Battle Pass, Star Rail Passes are available even on the free path.

Next up is Daily Training.

You only have to complete a single daily mission, unlike Genshin’s 4, with the rest of the tasks under Daily Training being combat or progression related. If nothing else, make sure you clear out both tabs when you log in each day. It’s a gradual but surefire way to get your hands on more Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jade, even if you’re planning not to spend anything on Honkai Impact Star Rail.

For more info on where to find Daily Missions and how to complete them, check out our guide.

Events and Promotions

Whether it be social media-related promotions or full-blown in-game events, limited-time promotions are a surefire way to nab some extra Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jade fast.

Keep an eye on the in-game announcements tab and your mailbox to see if there’s a promotion running. Honkai Star Rail also has a Twitch drops promotion running until May 24, 2023, and it’s possible they’ll do another wave of drops in the future.


Most achievements don’t give players a huge amount of Stellar Jade, but getting those incremental bonuses of 5 or 10 Jade at a time will really add up. What’s more, many of these achievements involve doing things you’d already be doing, like progressing in the main story, upgrading items, and various combat feats.

Keep an eye on the achievements tab as you play. Even if you’re not a completionist, it’s likely that you’ll be able to find some Stellar Jade stacked up on achievements you’ve earned throughout your playthrough.

Simulated Universe

After you clear the first world, you’ll get access to the Simulated Universe. This dungeon-run style mission will provide you with some serious rewards when getting your first clear in on each floor, as well as overall point rewards that reset occasionally.

Each world will open up as you progress through the story, giving you more ways to farm materials and overcome new challenges. Additionally, side missions connected to exploring the Simulated Universe will grant players rewards. Those looking to get some Stellar Jade fast should keep an eye on these challenges.

Once you’re at a high enough level to comfortably make your way through each world in the Simulated Universe, it’s well worth your time to get through it.

Forgotten Hall

The Forgotten Hall is yet another set of challenges players can test their might against, with tier rewards based on how well you can perform in a difficult boss battle. Players are judged mainly on how long it takes to defeat a boss, as well as whether or not their entire party gets to the other side in one piece.

The Forgotten Hall can be found in the Parlor Car after progressing to a certain point in the story. Getting through each challenge with all three stars will net you 200 Stellar Jade a piece, making this a pretty fast way to get more rolls.

There you have it, all the best ways to earn Stellar Jade and Star Rail Passes fast in Honkai Star Rail. Additional methods may come to light or be added as players progress through the dense content offering, but these are the best methods for now.

For more information about Honkai Star Rail, you can check out some of our guide content below.

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